Ted Cruz Appears To Get Most Of North Dakota's National Delegates


Well the NDGOP’s 2016 convention just ended – finally – and the last bit of business was the party’s delegate to the national convention.

This was a big deal, because the possibility of a contested convention is looming, North Dakota’s unbound delegates might be a big factor.

Certainly the presidential campaigns made a show of it. Ted Cruz himself addressed the delegates, as did his surrogate Carly Fiorina. Donald Trump sent his top surrogate Ben Carson to the state, and even Kasich sent some former Senator to speak.

There was an intense amount of scrutiny on who the delegates would be. The Cruz campaign circulated a flyer with the names of delegates they wanted.

After the delegates voted, the Cruz got 18 of the names they wanted (though the Trump campaign has been spinning to the national media that some of those names might be theirs.

The first part of the list is above (they displayed them on the screens at the convention) and the second part is below. Delegates 1-25 are the actual delegates. Those after are alternates.

The Cruz delegates – again, as identified by the flyer put out by the campaign – are:

  • Bette Grande
  • Jim Poolman
  • David Hogue
  • Wesley Belter
  • Mark Owens
  • Rick Becker
  • Dick Dever
  • Roscoe Streyle
  • James Kerian
  • Jessica Unruh
  • Shane Goettle
  • John Trandem
  • Janne Myrdal
  • Scott Louser
  • Ben Koppelman
  • Daniel Traynor
  • Judy Estenson
  • Clare Carlson

One thing to keep in mind is that none of these delegates are bound. They have inclinations, I guess, but they aren’t required to vote any particular way.