Tea partier Frei finally joins Team Terry


Joe Jordan | Nebraska Watchdog

It’s definitely late. Is it too little?

During the GOP primary Frei, who lost to Lee Terry 53-47, accused Terry of “dirty politics.”

In the final hours of his toughest and at times strangest Capitol Hill campaign in 16 years, Republican Congressman Lee Terry is scrambling to shore up his GOP base—thousands of potential voters who refused to back him in the May primary election.

Early today Team Terry launched a 60 second radio ad which finds Dan Frei,—Terry’s tea party opponent from that rough and tumble, six-point primary—asking his “friends” to vote for Terry on Tuesday.

“We cannot afford to send a representative to Washington who will stand with and promote the agenda of Nancy Pelosi and Barack Obama,” says Frei. “We cannot afford to have Brad Ashford represent Nebraska.”

Just 10 days ago Frei condemned the National Republican Congressional Campaign’s TV ad tying Democrat Brad Ashford to Nikko Jenkins—the man who walked out of prison last year and wasted no time killing four people in Omaha.

“We should expect more from our party than the strategy of negative campaigning and the politics of personal destruction,” Frei wrote on his Facebook page.

During the primary Frei accused Terry of “dirty politics,” was a no-show at the GOP’s post-primary unity rally and until now had refused to endorse Terry for the general election.

Despite Frei’s 11th hour conversion Terry is still reeling from that primary fight.

As Nebraska Watchdog reported on Wednesday, in order to beat Frei, Terry’s primary campaign was forced to shell out $900,000, money that could have gone a long way against Ashford who is now considered a narrow front runner by at least one Washington insider

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