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North Dakota Anti-Tobacco Agency Fighting Vaping The "Endgame For Tobacco"

North Dakota Anti-Tobacco Agency Fighting Vaping The "Endgame For Tobacco"

On the 2008 ballot North Dakotans voted to create the Center for Tobacco Prevention and Control Policy in our state government, funded by the settlement from the classaction lawsuit against the tobacco industry. We can have a debate about whether or not it’s wise to have anti-tobacco activism enshrined in our state government (the Center is

State Lawmaker Questions Legality Of Breathe ND's Opposition To Vaping, E-Cigarettes

North Dakota’s Center for Tobacco Prevention and Control Policy, a state agency which also operates as BreatheND, has been active in opposing the use of vaping and e-cigarettes. But a state lawmakers wonders whether or not the group has the legal authority to do that. Rep. Mike Schatz, a Republican from New England, has requested that

Should North Dakota Taxpayers Be Footing The Bill For Anti-Vaping Activism?

Here’s a principle that is a cornerstone of my thinking about governance: It should be neutral. What I mean by that is public policy should be applied dispassionately. How we feel about the law, our philosophies and emotions and preferences, belong in the political process. They should be expressed in campaigns and at the ballot

Brad Rodu: Anti-Smoking Advocate Spouts Nonsense About Vaping

On March 15 Tom Dennis authored a sensible editorial about e-cigarettes in the Grand Forks Herald.  He wrote that “vaping is best thought of as a method of quitting smoking.  As such, it can be a public-health tool.  Because while e-cigarettes are not ‘safe,’ meaning zero risk, they’re proving to be both dramatically safer than


Treating E-Cigarettes Like Tobacco Products Does A Disservice To Public Health

E-cigarettes have roared into the marketplace as a new product with few regulations. Currently lawmakers in Bismarck are grappling with how to deal with this product, which among other things is currently legal to sell to minors (though most retailers aren’t allowing that sort of thing). Personally, I’m not convinced we need to regulate nicotine

Anti-Smoking Activists Want To Ban E-Cig Flavors Because Think Of The Children

The full-on assault on e-cigarettes from people supposedly motivated by public health has been nothing short of remarkable. That vaping is a much more healthy alternative to smoking, likely to improve more lives than the untold billions of public dollars spent on anti-smoking campaigns, is apparently lost on these people. If it looks like smoking, than


Vaping Seems To Be Replacing Smoking, Not Luring People To It

This coming session our lawmakers will be considering legislation which would continue to treat vaping, or “e-cigarettes,” as though it were just like actual smoking. Already the state included vaping in its ban on smoking, now lawmakers will consider whether or not to ban smoking to minors. As I’ve written previously, I don’t believe we