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Bill Would Make Vaping and Tobacco Use Illegal for Adults up to Age 19

Bill Would Make Vaping and Tobacco Use Illegal for Adults up to Age 19

When you turn 18 you’re generally considered an adult under the law, meaning you can do all sorts of stuff from voting to serving in the military. But if legislation backed by state Rep. Pamela Anderson, a Democrat from Fargo, becomes law you wouldn’t be able to purchase tobacco or even vaping products. Here are

Audio: Vaping Advocate Blasts Measure 4, Says “Modern Tobacco Prevention Is About Puritanism”

In November the voters here in North Dakota will decide the fate of Measure 4, a massive 400 percent tax increase on cigarettes and a similarly large hike in taxes on tobacco products. And lumped into the definition of tobacco products? Vaping products. [mks_pullquote align=”right” width=”300″ size=”24″ bg_color=”#ffffff” txt_color=”#000000″]”Modern tobacco prevention is about puritanism,” he

This Is Why Putting Anti-Tobacco Activism in State Government Was a Bad Idea

Study: Nicotine labeling on e-cigarettes sold in ND often wrong That’s the troubling headline over a Patrick Springer article published in the Fargo Forum over the weekend. Whatever your position on vaping, we can all agree that the labeling should be accurate. But there’s a problem. This study was conducted by the anti-tobacco activists in

Should Smoking And Vaping Be Treated As Though They're Exactly The Same?

Should we regulate and tax vaping products in the exact same manner as we do tobacco products? That’s likely going to be the question before North Dakota voters this year as anti-tobacco activists push a new ballot measure (read it at the link). Their proposal would lump vaping products in with tobacco products, and then implement

Cigarette Tax Hike Ballot Measure Kind Of Seems Like A War On Vaping Too

The ballot measure to hike North Dakota’s tobacco taxes I wrote about earlier this week was announced yesterday. You can read a copy of the measure as submitted to the Secretary of State’s office below. As expected, it’s a 400 percent tax hike on cigarettes, taking North Dakota’s $0.44 per-pack tax to $2.20 per-pack. The


Vaping Likely Cause Of Smoking Decline, Anti-Tobacco Bureaucrats Take Credit

“North Dakota only state spending enough on tobacco prevention” That was a headline from the Grand Forks Herald this week regarding a report from the Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids. You really have to admire how the anti-tobacco bureaucrats are putting their priorities right up front these days. It’s almost like their goal isn’t so much

Alternate Point Of View: E-Cigarettes Keeping Kids Away From Tobacco

“E-cigarettes more popular than tobacco among teens, survey finds” That’s the headline to a Bismarck Tribune article by Amy Sisk. And given the tone of the article, I guess we’re supposed to be alarmed that so many more kids are using e-cigarettes. Certainly that’s what North Dakota’s anti-tobacco gestapo took away. The Center for Tobacco Prevention