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Tony Gehrig: A Candidate's Perspective On Fargo's City Hall

Tony Gehrig: A Candidate's Perspective On Fargo's City Hall

In January of last year I wrote an opinion piece for The Fargo Forum challenging the new city hall proposal. I was concerned that our commissioners were not prioritizing needs over wants, and I was also curious about the price tag since, at the time, we had very little information as to where the building

Guest Post: Fargo Child Care Ordinance is Overreach

In May, I warned that the city was planning on wedging itself between you, your child, and your daycare provider. On June 23rd, the Fargo City Commission did just that using the consent agenda to pass the “Ordinance Relating to Child Care Centers”. No second reading, no public debate, not even Commissioner comments. Five commissioners,

Tony Gehrig: Who Knows Best For Your Kids, You Or The Fargo City Commission?

As a candidate for Fargo Commissioner, I have made defining the role of local government a focal point in my campaign. It has been my contention that our Commissioners have lost sight of their role, and ventured off into areas they have no business in. Usually, the issues I stress are mainly cost related. However,