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Tony Gehrig: Fargo Leaders Fighting Over Refugees Distracts From Real Spending Problems

Tony Gehrig: Fargo Leaders Fighting Over Refugees Distracts From Real Spending Problems

“Everyone wants to talk about LSS and I’m over here like….city hall just went up 400k and no one knows.” I made this comment in jest on my Facebook page but the more people comment on it, the more I realize how true it is. Don’t get me wrong. Dave Piepkorn has done something I

Controversy Over Fargo’s FedEx Tax Break Shows Need for Reforming Economic Incentives

Last night Fargo City Commissioner Tony Gehrig lost his push to rescind over $600,000 in property tax incentives granted to parcel delivery giant FedEx after the company announced they were moving some of their operations to that city from Grand Forks. Gehrig may have lost that vote, but the last laugh may yet be his. When Gehrig got

The Fargo City Commission Just Gave Away $660,000 in Tax Incentives for No Good Reason at All

Last night the Fargo City Commission met and voted to approve a property tax exemption worth $660,000 over ten years for FedEx which is building a facility in the city after announcing that they’d be leaving Grand Forks. The move was already somewhat controversial – Grand Forks city leaders are wondering if this was an

The Fargo City Commission Approved A Bad Buyout And Now They're Embarrassed About It

Tonight the Fargo City Commission gave final approval to a sweetheart of a buyout for the Kinzler home, property the city needs for its on-going build out of flood protection. The Kinzler family got to triple dip on the taxpayer’s dime. Not only did they get $565,000 for their property, a value set by an

Hey Forum Editorial Board, You Should Read Your Own Reporting

Earlier this week the Fargo city commission approved what has become something of a controversial project in downtown Fargo. Businessman, and gubernatorial candidate, Doug Burgum and some partners received a bunch of public assistance to build the Block 9 development. Millions and millions in public assistance, leading some to wonder why we need to help

If Public Art Is Popular Does It Need Subsidies?

Yesterday Tony Gehrig, who is a fiscally conservative member of Fargo’s city commission, sat down to discuss city subsidies for public art with what the Fargo Forum‘s Grace Lyden describes as “an audience of about 25 retired and current university staff and faculty at NDSU’s Memorial Union.” Given that Gehrig is an outspoken opponent of subsidizing