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Podcast: “I Don’t Feel Like There’s a Blue Wave Coming in North Dakota”

Podcast: “I Don’t Feel Like There’s a Blue Wave Coming in North Dakota”

U.S. House candidate Kelly Armstrong joined me on the radio show today to talk about his campaign and his upcoming debate with Democratic opponent Mac Schneider. I asked Armstrong about national political trends, and the predictions for Democratic gains. “I don’t think there’s a blue wave coming in North Dakota,” he told me. He said

Audio: Rep. Tom Kading Says His New Sharing Parenting Legislation Is Not Like Measure 6

In a recent letter to the editor attorney Jason McLean, a divorce lawyer and opponent to reforming our state’s child custody laws, suggested that new shared parenting legislation under consideration in Bismarck is just like 2014’s shared parenting ballot measure. That would be a devastating and persuasive argument, if true, because Measure 6 on the 2014

Legislation Would Prohibit Building Code Enforcement for DIY Projects

State Rep. Tom Kading, a lawmaker in his first term from Fargo’s District 45, has introduced HB1327. If passed, it would prohibit local governments from enforcing building codes on do-it-yourself projects. You can read the full bill below, but here’s the pertinent excerpt: I’m typically skeptical of most government regulations, and debating their efficacy is