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North Dakota High School Assignment: Tell Lawmakers To Raise Taxes

North Dakota High School Assignment: Tell Lawmakers To Raise Taxes

Should schools teach our kids what to think? Or how to think? Over at Watchdog today I write about an assignment at Sheyenne High School in West Fargo which made students write to state lawmakers urging them to raise tobacco taxes. The assignment was born of an American Lung Association presentation at a teacher conference


North Dakota Anti-Tobacco Agency Fighting Vaping The "Endgame For Tobacco"

On the 2008 ballot North Dakotans voted to create the Center for Tobacco Prevention and Control Policy in our state government, funded by the settlement from the classaction lawsuit against the tobacco industry. We can have a debate about whether or not it’s wise to have anti-tobacco activism enshrined in our state government (the Center is

Should North Dakota Taxpayers Be Footing The Bill For Anti-Vaping Activism?

Here’s a principle that is a cornerstone of my thinking about governance: It should be neutral. What I mean by that is public policy should be applied dispassionately. How we feel about the law, our philosophies and emotions and preferences, belong in the political process. They should be expressed in campaigns and at the ballot

Brad Rodu: Reporter, Cass County Officials Mislead Public On Health Risks Of Smokeless Tobacco

Robin Huebner’s Sunday column, “North Dakota ranks high in use of smokeless tobacco,” was grossly misleading. As Rob Port pointed out, North Dakota may have the third highest smokeless rate in the U.S., but the state’s smoking ranking is “middle of the pack,” despite a relatively low cigarette excise tax. [mks_pullquote align=”right” width=”300″ size=”24″ bg_color=”#000000″

Video: House Kills Tobacco Tax Increase, Increase Restrictions On E-Cigs

The House today had one of its most protracted debates of the session to date today. It was related to tobacco and e-cigarettes, and spread over three separate bills. HB1078 adds e-cigarettes to the state’s ban on tobacco sales to minors HB1186 adds e-cigarettes to prohibitions on sales of tobacco through direct-sale displays (meaning e-cigs

Lesson For North Dakota: Tobacco Smuggling Spikes In Minnesota After Tax Hike

Last week I wrote a post about proposed tobacco tax hikes being considered by lawmakers in Bismarck. I cited research by the Mackinac Center which indicated that higher taxes result in higher rates in smuggling, and that raising the tobacco taxes here in North Dakota would almost certainly create a dilemma for those tasked with enforcing