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Anti-Tobacco Activists File Complaint Over Measure 4 Advertising

Anti-Tobacco Activists File Complaint Over Measure 4 Advertising

We’re just weeks away from election day and while it’s been a pretty quiet cycle here in North Dakota that doesn’t mean we won’t be free from the usual last-minute “gotcha” claims. Case in point, the press release below from Raise it for Health ND – the folks behind Measure 4 on the November ballot

Audio: Measure 4 Opponent Says Cigarette Tax a Bad Way to Fund Veterans

One of the selling points of Measure 4 on the November ballot, which would hike taxes on cigarettes in North Dakota by 400 percent, is that some of the funding would go to veterans. In fact, per the fiscal impact statement for Measure 4 released by the Secretary of State’s office, if passed the measure

John Andrist: Tobacco Tax Hike Measure Lacks Appropriate Oversight for Spending

Debate is lining up on both sides of the Initiated Measure proposing to quadruple the tax rate on tobacco products, including vaping. As a legislator I opposed the concept of using taxes to punish those who make unhealthy choices. As a voter I have felt differently, because tobacco has a high cost to society, as

Marty Riske: Raising Taxes on Tobacco and Vaping Is Not a Good Solution

This November, the voters of North Dakota will have several divergent ballot measures to weigh in on. One such measure is a brazen attempt to socially engineer behavior with the state’s tax code. Newspaper editorial boards such as the Fargo Forum and Grand Forks Herald have already decided this tax increase is the way to go,

Tobacco Tax Hike Measure Sponsors Fix Inaccurate Campaign Finance Report

Yesterday I flagged something fishy about the campaign finance disclosures filed by Raise It For Health, the initiated measure sponsoring committee behind that tobacco tax hike which will be on the ballot in November. This group collected 22,840 signatures to place their tax hike on the ballot, but in finance disclosures filed with the Secretary of

This Is Why Putting Anti-Tobacco Activism in State Government Was a Bad Idea

Study: Nicotine labeling on e-cigarettes sold in ND often wrong That’s the troubling headline over a Patrick Springer article published in the Fargo Forum over the weekend. Whatever your position on vaping, we can all agree that the labeling should be accurate. But there’s a problem. This study was conducted by the anti-tobacco activists in

Cigarette Tax Hike Ballot Measure Kind Of Seems Like A War On Vaping Too

The ballot measure to hike North Dakota’s tobacco taxes I wrote about earlier this week was announced yesterday. You can read a copy of the measure as submitted to the Secretary of State’s office below. As expected, it’s a 400 percent tax hike on cigarettes, taking North Dakota’s $0.44 per-pack tax to $2.20 per-pack. The

Ballot Measure To Raise North Dakota's Tobacco Taxes By Nearly 400 Percent Reportedly In The Works

UPDATE: From the comments: “Strange that we may have a ballot measure to legalize marijuana and at the same time a ballot measure to attempt to tax the tobacco industry out of business in this state.” North Dakota has some of the lowest tobacco tax rates in the nation. According to the Campaign for Tobacco