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You Know What's More Offensive Than "Siouxper Drunk" Shirts? Censorship.

You Know What's More Offensive Than "Siouxper Drunk" Shirts? Censorship.

This last week we were treated to the latest chapter in the never-ending saga of the “Fighting Sioux” logo and nickname, though it what sparked it was an event that didn’t have anything to do with the University of North Dakota. At Springfest, a City of Grand Forks event that UND is not involved with

Maybe 100 Protesters At University Of North Dakota "Siouxper Drunk" March

A SAB reader was kind enough to send these photos in of the protest march at the University of North Dakota today. Looking at the photos, I’m guessing maybe about 100 attendees, which isn’t too bad of a turnout given the short notice and the fact that most students had finals today. A group of

UND President Pounces On "Siouxper Drunk" Controversy To Distract From Other Problems

Earlier today University of North Dakota President Robert Kelley released the video above, along with incoming UND Student Body President Tanner Franklin, condemning yet again the “Siouxper Drunk” tshirt controversy and promising that he’s totally going to do stuff about it in the future. What kind of stuff is he going to do? Well, who

UND Activists Want Mandatory Sensitivity Training For All Students After "Siouxper Drunk" Controversy

Earlier today I was on Scott Hennen’s statewide What’s On Your Mind radio program opposite Ruth Hopkins from Last Real Indians to discuss the “Siouxper Drunk” controversy at the University of North Dakota. It went about as you expected. Hopkins thinks anyone who supports the Fighting Sioux logo and nickname is a dirty, dirty racist

Kade Ferris: "Siouxper Drunk" Tshirts Were Intentionally Offensive

As you may have seen, there is a new, brewing controversy at UND once again. This time the issue that has arisen is not as easily written off as a case of misunderstanding being perceived as racism, but rather it’s a case of some students using a purposely offensive meme (in this case a t-shirt