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Doug Burgum Can't Seem To Shoot Straight On Controversial Issues

Doug Burgum Can't Seem To Shoot Straight On Controversial Issues

Yesterday I wrote about the campaign trail version of gubernatorial candidate Doug Burgum being a much different person from Doug Burgum the business leader North Dakotans have come to know over the years. When he chose to run for the Republican nomination for governor Burgum seems to have undergone an evolution in his policy positions.

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Hey Liberals, This Is Why The Right To Free Association Matters

Earlier this year during the 2015 legislative session lawmakers had a heated debate over SB2279, legislation which would have mandated that state business serve homosexual customers. The argument from supporters of the bill is that private business owners shouldn’t get to pick and choose who they associate their businesses with. Opponents of the bill, including

Randy Boehning Says "Bullying" Over His Sexuality Strengthened His Opposition To SB2279

Yesterday Rep. Randy Boehning (R-Fargo) was outed as gay by a another guy he’d been communicating with over Grindr. But Boehning said he was threatened with exposure before that, while he was considering his vote on the controversial SB2279 which would have expanded anti-discrimination policy to include gays. Boehning spoke to me this morning –

North Dakota Republican Says He Was Outed As Gay By Democrats

Update:  I’ve spoken to Rep. Boehning and have more on this story here. Apparently Rep. Randy Boehning, a Republican from Fargo, is gay. I’d heard whispers about this in the past, and greeted them with ambivalence. It honestly doesn’t matter to me who a politician is involved with romantically unless it’s a) illegal or b)

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The Real Missed Opportunity: ND Lawmakers Should Have Repealed Gay Marriage Ban

Earlier this year when lawmakers declined to pass SB2279, an anti-discrimination bill, Governor Jack Dalrymple said they’d “missed an opportunity.” He was wrong. That legislation was bad policy. But lawmakers did miss an opportunity on gay rights this session. It seems that this summer America will more than likely see a blanket legalization of gay

James Kerian: Three Cheers For The North Dakota House

Conservatives are not typically very good at expressing gratitude to elected officials.  Our constant task is to limit the amount of money and control that is placed in their hands.  We’re constantly forced to remind forgetful liberals that our legislators are no more immune to greed (or any other vice) than those of us in

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John Trandem: North Dakota Got It Right On Discrimination Law

Recent headlines, cartoons, and LTE submissions supporting SB-2279 seem to follow a common tactic with regard to debate. That is, opponents cite issues with the language, scope, and unintended consequences of the bill itself, while proponents cite issues with the opponents. Even local Editorial Boards followed this fatally flawed template. Questions were posed regarding protections

Audio: Fargo Forum Editor Defends SB2279 Front Page Targeting "No" Voting Lawmakers

In the middle of the furious response to the North Dakota state House voting down SB2279 – a bill which would have added homosexuals to North Dakota’s protected classes for employment, housing, and commerce – the Fargo Forum newspaper decided to run a front page listing the names and photographs of the lawmakers who voted