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Claiming You Were Discriminated Against Doesn't Make It So

Claiming You Were Discriminated Against Doesn't Make It So

A lot of you readers are emailing me a link to this letter to the editor in the Fargo Forum from a UND law school graduate who claims he was passed over for jobs here in North Dakota because of his sexual orientation and was ultimately forced to move to California. Obviously that’s a provocative claim

Coffee Shop's Ban Of North Dakota Lawmakers Kinda Backfired

Amid the fury stemming from the North Dakota House’s defeat of an anti-discrimination bill, SB2279, the Red Raven Espresso Parlor posted a notice that they would be denying service to lawmakers voting no. Despite that happening more than ten days ago there was a flurry of stories about it this weekend. “It did its job,”

Video: Senator Heidi Heitkamp Takes A Shot At Lawmakers Over Discrimination Bill During Address

US Senator Heidi Heitkamp was in Bismarck today and dropped by the state Legislature for an address during which she took a shot at them for failing to pass SB2279. That bill would have prohibited discrimination against homosexuals for jobs, housing, and commerce. During a part of her address where she was stressing the need

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The Fargo Forum Editorial Board Doesn't Have A Clue

Today’s editorial in the Fargo Forum punches back at critics of Governor Jack Dalrymple’s clownish handling of the SB2279 debate. Shortly after the state House voted down the anti-discrimination bill Dalrymple rushed to the media with a statement expressing his disappointment. The Republican opponents of the bill felt betrayed. Supporters of the bill, mostly Democrats and

Matt Evans: Democrats Sound Damn Peculiar Telling Us What Jesus Thinks About Legislation

You probably thought you were done hearing about SB2279 – the so called anti-discrimination bill – for a little while. Well, not just yet. I finally got around to watching the video footage of all of the speeches given prior to the SB2279 House vote. If you look below you can see the video of different

Dalrymple Administration Beclowns Themselves On Discrimination Policy

Shortly after Republicans in the state House took a tough stand against SB2279, an anti-discrimination bill, Governor Jack Dalrymple decided to give his colleagues a little kick in the ribs with a note to the media expressing his disappointment in the vote. The Governor didn’t make himself any friends on either side of the issue.

Fargo Forum Editor Defends "Wanted Poster" Front Page Targeting Lawmakers

UPDATE: Originally this post identified Von Pinnon as the publisher of the Fargo Forum. That was an error, he is the editor. I’ve corrected the post to reflect this. On Friday the Fargo Forum caused quite a stir when they featured on the front page of their newspaper a sort of “wanted poster” for state lawmakers

Chris Olson: Why I Voted "No" On The SB2279 Non-Discrimination Bill

Of the various reasons that led to my decision to vote no against SB2279, my most important reasoning falls largely outside the established range of “acceptable opinion”. However, it is a view of government that is not new, but is, rather, the classical and foundational view held by our nation’s fathers. As a matter of