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Rosary beads and bible

Bill Would Require Bible Study Elective in North Dakota Schools

Bill Would Require Bible Study Elective in North Dakota Schools

Here’s a candidate for the dumbest piece of legislation in the 2019 legislative session. SB2136, sponsored by state Senator Oley Larson (R-Minot), would amend North Dakota’s law pertaining to required subjects for study in public schools to add in a unit on the Christian bible. The pertinent language, added to a list of required units

Shanley players in prayer. Forum News Service file photo.

Video: Bill Allowing Prayer at North Dakota High School Playoff Games Passes State House

Back in 2015 there was a controversy over prayer at high school sports events here in North Dakota. At the time a Facebook posting of the Bismarck St. Mary’s and Kindred football teams praying after a playoff game on Saturday went viral. The post claimed that the North Dakota High School Activities Association has banned

John Olsrud: Time To End Prayers At The Legislature?

For 25 years when I was director of the North Dakota Legislative Council, I coordinated the chaplaincy program for both legislative chambers. Once the program was set up, and a clergy coordinator was selected by a local ministerial association, we told that coordinator the program had to be inclusive and nondenominational. We then kept at