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North Dakota's Second Largest Religion Is…Islam?

North Dakota's Second Largest Religion Is…Islam?

According to the Washington Post (which is responsible for the map above) and based on a survey by the Association of Statisticians of American Religious Bodies, the second largest religion in North Dakota is Islam. Surprised? Of course, that’s a little misleading because in order to arrive at that conclusion the Post lumped all the different flavors

Christians Should Welcome Atheist Monument

In Florida, a group of atheists have put up their own monument near a public display of the 10 commandments, and they say they have plans for more monuments across the United States. I tend to be turned off by people who get militant about their religious beliefs, be they atheist or Christian or otherwise.

Intolerance: Fan Upset At Cross Drawn On Mound To Honor Deceased Baseball Player

St. Louis Cardinals great Stan Musial died earlier this year, and during this baseball season a groundskeeper at Busch Stadium has been drawing a cross and the number 6 (Musial’s number) in rememberance on the pitcher’s mound. But it wasn’t until just recently that a fan noticed, and he’s gone to the media with his