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Print Column: The Fight Over Kavanaugh Is Tanking Heitkamp’s Campaign

Print Column: The Fight Over Kavanaugh Is Tanking Heitkamp’s Campaign

MINOT, N.D. — By the time you read this the U.S. Senate may very well have voted on Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh’s confirmation. Or maybe not. Writing before my deadline I won’t hazard a guess on an outcome from this partisan inquisition. There is one conclusion we can reach, however. The mean-spirited, thoroughly repugnant

Print Column: Heitkamp’s Political Party Is Out to Destroy Kavanaugh and Her Campaign Is Collateral Damage

MINOT, N.D.—According to polling commissioned by North Dakota NBC news affiliates and released this week, Congressman Kevin Cramer is leading incumbent Sen. Heidi Heitkamp by 10 points, 51 to 41 percent with 8 percent undecided. I’ve long felt Cramer is winning. The last publicly released poll showing Heitkamp with a lead happened in late February.

Print Column: Don’t Take My Word for It, ACLU Says Measure 1 Is an Affront to Free Speech

MINOT, N.D.—Last month I wrote in this column that Measure 1, the so-called “anti-corruption” amendment put on the November ballot thanks to professional petitioners paid mostly by a group of Hollywood celebrities, was an affront to the First Amendment. The left-wing supporters of the measure scoffed when I made that argument. I saw feedback to

Print Column: Appeals Court Smacks Down Ugly Democratic Rhetoric About North Dakota Voter ID Law

MINOT, N.D.—This week the 8th Circuit Court of Appeals issued a stay of a lower court injunction which prevented North Dakota’s voter identification law from being enforced. At issue was state law saying only ID’s with current residential addresses on them were valid for voting. The lower court had enjoined that law, saying the state

Print Column: Kavanaugh Travesty Is a Preview of How Democrats Would Govern if Heitkamp Wins

MINOT, N.D.—If you want a preview of how Democrats would govern should liberal candidates like incumbent Sen. Heidi Heitkamp of North Dakota win, look no further than the national embarrassment which is the Kavanaugh confirmation process. Setting aside for a moment the veracity of the accusation against Judge Brett Kavanaugh—concerning an alleged sexual assault which

Print Column: Heidi Heitkamp Must Think We’re All Very Stupid

MINOT, N.D.—When asked recently by The Hill newspaper whether or not she’d like former President Barack Obama to campaign for her here in North Dakota, Sen. Heidi Heitkamp was blunt in response. “Nope, no,” the paper quoted her as saying. Of course Heitkamp doesn’t want Obama on the campaign trail for her. When it’s an

Print Column: The Absurdity of Identity Politics When Identity Is Self-Identified

There’s some weird stuff going on in the national Democratic Party, otherwise known as the organization North Dakota Democrats like Heidi Heitkamp and Mac Schneider like to pretend they aren’t a part of during election years. In recent weeks the party has had to address the problem of superdelegates, an Orwellian classification of elite Democrats

Print Column: Measure 1 Is an Affront to the First Amendment

MINOT, N.D.—A group calling themselves the North Dakotans for Public Integrity is backing Measure 1, a constitutional ballot measure sold as an “anti-corruption amendment.” Yet the NDPI aren’t really North Dakotans so much as a local front group for Hollywood activists, judging by their financial disclosures, and their proposed amendment isn’t “anti-corruption” so much as

Print Column: The Public’s Loss of Faith in Mass Media Began Long Before Donald Trump

MINOT, N.D. — It’s become fashionable for journalists to blame Donald Trump and his attacks on “fake news” for undermining the public’s trust in mass media. An example of this are recent editorials from newspapers across the country, coordinated by a call to action from the Boston Globe, criticizing the President’s “dirty war on the

Print Column: Heitkamp’s Control Over Her Carefully Cultivated “North Dakota Nice” Persona Is Slipping

How does a Democrat like Heidi Heitkamp get elected in a state like North Dakota where no other Democrat has won on the statewide ballot in a decade? She’s a master at playing the “North Dakota nice.” Except, she’s not really that nice. At least, not any nicer than most of the conniving, grasping politicians