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Matt Evans: Defending Kevin Cramer To Conservatives

Matt Evans: Defending Kevin Cramer To Conservatives

Someone has kidnapped Matt Evans and written this column under his name.  Evans, you see, is a tireless critic of government.  He has no tolerance for politicians who don’t say what they mean.  He is ready to throw anyone under the bus the moment they vote contrary to the way they’re supposed to.  He likes

Rod St. Aubyn: What Is The Political Mood In North Dakota And Across The Nation?

North Dakota – With ND’s strong economy, vibrant oil production, good crops despite the late plantings, and very low unemployment, people appear to be satisfied with the overall political environment.  Not to say that there aren’t some challenges that currently exist such as the Western ND infrastructure issues that politicians have made news with their

James Kerian: Politics For Entertainment, Or Politics For Change?

For many people (who are not in political office) politics is a spectator sport.  They enjoy discussing which party/candidate/policy is better in the same way they enjoy discussing which team/player/offense is better.  They don’t, however, really expect to have any impact on who gets elected or what laws are enacted any more than the typical

James Kerian: Fifteen Things You Hear In Politics (From The Same People)

In his book The Everlasting Man GK Chesterton once observed that “The history of prehistoric man” is “the sort of unreason in which only rationalists are allowed to indulge.” In a couple of decades of discussing politics I have come across a few other examples of this type of unreason.  Following are fifteen things that