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If Apathy Counted as Votes Nobody Would Have Won the 2016 Election

If Apathy Counted as Votes Nobody Would Have Won the 2016 Election

I found this map on Reddit this morning, and I can’t stop looking at it. It was created by Philip Kearney, who describes himself as an amateur cartographer, and it’s pretty self explanatory. It supposes an election map which counts non-votes from eligible American voters as a vote for “none of the above.” Based on

John Andrist: Searching for Civility Amid Conflict

A recent, brief visit with Tina Simonson Moe rekindled memories of her mom, Ailsa Simonson, and the special relationship we shared. Ailsa was a full-blown Democrat activist in her heyday, probably the strongest party leader Divide County ever produced. She rose to the position of state chairman of Democratic women during the party’s North Dakota zenith, at

The Partisan Shooting of Rep. Scalise Is a Relatively New Thing in the History of American Political Violence

“Try to find the humanity in the people you disagree with.” That’s what I wrote in my Sunday print column this week. The subject, of course, was the shooting of Rep. Steve Scalise and three others. In the New York Times today Ross Douthat has some thoughts on why the motivations of James Hodgkinson, the

Josh Duhamel Says He Stays Away From Politics, but Remember When He Endorsed Governor Doug Burgum?

North Dakota’s own Josh Duhamel gave an interview ostensibly about his love of baseball, and selection as an ambassador for Major League Baseball’s All Star balloting, but he also had some comments about social media and why he steers clear of politics which were pretty interesting: Fox News: You’ve described having a love/hate relationship with

The Halftime Show America Needed

Lady Gaga may have found herself a place in the history books for being the Superbowl entertainer who won widespread acclaim for something she didn’t do. In a performance that was fun and entertaining, exactly the halftime show America needed, Gaga didn’t lecture us about politics. There was no preachy machinations. No self-righteous symbolism. Just

James Kerian: How Politics Works

In 2004 the Republican establishment in Pennsylvania backed Arlen Specter for the Republican nomination for the senate because, they said, the more conservative Pat Toomey could not win a general election in Pennsylvania. Pat Toomey is now a senator from Pennsylvania. In 2010 the Republican establishment in Florida backed Charlie Crist for the Republican nomination

James Kerian: It's Not The Voters' Opinions That Matter, It's How Much They Care

Most people disagree with you. If you care about anything in politics (it doesn’t matter where you are on the ideological spectrum) most people disagree with you.  You might be tempted to believe that’s wrong because you have an opinion poll that says most people believe elective abortion should be illegal or most people want