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Audio: Higher Ed Board Members Talk About Lack Of Trust In University Presidents

Audio: Higher Ed Board Members Talk About Lack Of Trust In University Presidents

On July 31st I filed an open meetings complaint with Attorney General Wayne Stenehjem’s office. I was guest hosting a radio show for WDAY that morning, but a SAB reader had tipped me off that the State Board of Higher Education had requested that the public leave an open meeting at their retreat on the

Is The North Dakota University System Going To Give Sanford Health A Sweetheart Deal?

On tomorrow’s State Board of Higher Education agenda is a line item asking board members to approve a takeover by North Dakota State University of a nursing college in Bismarck currently run by Sanford Health (starts on page 25). Legislators I’ve spoken to are buzzing about the proposal, wondering if the SBHE has taken enough

University Of North Dakota Students Angered Over Tuition Hike They Say They Weren't Consulted About UPDATE: Agenda Item Pulled

Tomorrow the North Dakota State Board of Higher Education will discuss tuition increases for the state’s universities, including a nearly 5 percent hike for the University of North Dakota. But the UND student government, and a statewide student organization, apparently weren’t notified about the proposal despite the motion before the SBHE explicitly saying otherwise. Student

The Slow Death Of Pathways To Student Success Continues

Embattled former North Dakota University System chancellor Hamid Shirvani was canned after personality conflicts with politically-powerful university presidents. But really, it wasn’t Shirvani’s personality or management style that was the problem. It was his policy. North Dakota’s bloated university system, which has no less thanĀ 11 public campuses serving a state that until just recently had

Kingsbury Column: My Version

When my last week’s column about higher ed was published I didn’t expect the responses it received. As with the responses to my other columns, some of them were good. Really good. Some of those who wrote must be closely involved with higher education as faculty or administrators, or at least serious students of the