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The Biggest Threat To Accreditation Comes From The State Board Of Higher Education

The Biggest Threat To Accreditation Comes From The State Board Of Higher Education

Apologists for the North Dakota University system – including university system officials themselves and their sycophants among the state’s commentators and editorialists – have worked themselves into a high dudgeon over a report from the Higher Learning Commission claiming that Measure 3 is a threat to accreditation. Which, of course, isn’t accurate. What the HLC

Senator Hogue: With Measure 3, Legislature Wants To Avoid "Risks Of Doing Nothing"

Senator David Hogue of Minot appeared last night on Chris Berg’s 6:30 Point of View program. Senator Hogue was one of the sponsors of the legislation that became Measure 3 on the statewide ballot. For the uninitiated, if that measure passes it would amend the state constitution to remove the existing part-time State Board of

Higher Ed Board Deals With Unruly President By Only Giving Him $10,000 Raise

Last month I broke news about an audio recording of the State Board of Higher Education who were discussing, surprisingly candidly, problems in the university system. The conversation took place during a supposedly open meeting (though board members asked the public to leave the room) and included criticism of one out-of-control university president that, while

Higher Learning Commission Dismisses Complaints Of Legislative Meddling In University System

Back during the tenure of embattled former Chancellor Hamid Shirvani there were complaints filed with the North Dakota University System’s accreditor – the Higher Learning Commission – claiming that Shirvani’s leadership was violating accreditation policies. Since then Shirvani was pushed out by the university presidents, rendering many of the complaints moot, but the HLC decided

John Mitzel: Measure 3 Doesn't Threaten Accreditation

Last week, Dickinson State University student Matthew Perdue submitted a letter expressing his concerns regarding Measure 3, legislation which would replace the existing State Board of Higher Education with a 3-member Commission of Higher Education. While we may share the status of “North Dakota student”, Perdue and I certainly come from different schools of thought

How Tone Deaf is the Interim Chancellor Anyways?

Tone Deaf. Out of Touch. Pick your favorite, or propose your own. Either way, it will be an accurate description of Interim North Dakota University System (NDUS) Chancellor Dr. Larry Skogen’s proposal to give a $13,000 pay raise to North Dakota State University (NDSU) President Dr. Dean Bresciani; only one week after audio recordings were released (and

Nick Creamer: North Dakota Students Should Support Measure 3

Matt Perdue, a critic of the proposed changes to North Dakota’s higher education system, submitted a letter to the Dickinson Press earlier this month regarding Measure 3. As a former UND Student Body President, this measure is of great interest to me, and I strongly believe that it would improve the future of higher education

The University System Needs To Stop Lying To The Public

The university system folks continue to insist that the “public” meeting they asked the public to leave was not a violation of open meeting laws, according to an article from Brandi Jewett this morning. The Attorney General will ultimately decide that when he rules on my complaint over the meeting, but more interesting is the

Accreditation Worries Are A Red Herring In Measure 3 Debate

At the Greater North Dakota Chamber of Commerce’s policy summit yesterday there was a debate over Measure 3. That’s the constitutional amendment which would dissolve the existing State Board of Higher Education and replace with a full-time, three-member commission. There was a heated debate about the measure between SBHE President Kirsten Diederich, Chancellor Larry Skogen, university

On Television: North Dakota University System Has A Trust Problem

I was on Chris Berg’s Valley News Live show last night for my regular weekly segment, and perhaps not surprisingly we discussed my big story about the State Board of Higher Education making some candid remarks they thought were off the record in a non-public meeting. Before the show, Chris asked me what I thought