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Roscoe Streyle: North Dakota Won’t Be the Best Place for Education if We Don’t Make the Investments

Roscoe Streyle: North Dakota Won’t Be the Best Place for Education if We Don’t Make the Investments

This guest post was submitted by Minot resident Roscoe Streyle who served in the state House from 2011 to 2018. What are the Governor, Legislature, ND University System (NDUS) or the Department of Public Instruction (DPI) doing to improve the educational delivery system, content, educational opportunities and the learning experience for North Dakota students?  What are they

Plain Talk: Shouldn’t Universities Exist Because We Need Them, and Not Because of the Law?

On this episode of Plain Talk, legislation proposed in Bismarck would remove mandates for eight of North Dakota’s 11 institutions of higher education from the state constitution. The Grand Forks Herald, in an editorial, argues this puts those universities at risk. But shouldn’t universities exist because they’re needed, and not because they’re mandated by law?

City Tells Citizens Who Can’t Vote in City Elections They Have to Pay Double for Building Permits

Extra-territorial zoning is an odd bit of North Dakota law which allows for municipal governments to extend their governance beyond city limits. Unfortunately for the people who live in those areas, they don’t get a say in city government. A particularly egregious example of this is the plight of Patti Eisenzimmer, a resident of rural Minot

Senator Nicole Poolman: Setting the Facts Straight About Voter ID in North Dakota

This guest post was submitted by Republican state Senator Nicole Poolman, Chair of Senate Government and Veterans Affairs Committee and cosponsor of HB 1369. After watching inaccurate national news coverage surrounding North Dakota’s voter identification law, I felt compelled to set the record straight on the legislative process and intent behind the voter ID bill. Some

Video: “People With Disabilities Shouldn’t Be Seen as a Means of Economic Development”

The floor debate today in the state Senate over  was probably one of the most frustrating spectacles I’ve seen to date in the 2017 legislative session. Governor Doug Burgum campaigned on a platform of reinventing state government. Making it more efficient. Finding a way for public servants to do more with less. What the Senate

The Road to Efficient State Government Is Pitted With Potholes of Parochialism

North Dakota has a big budget problem resulting from lawmakers building huge spending increases on top of a oil-boom-era revenue tidal wave which was never going to last. But Governor Doug Burgum, who was elected to his first term in office in a landslide last year, has charged state leaders with looking beyond the current

Senate Kills Bill Which Would Have Given Representation to Citizens in Extra-Territorial Zoning Areas

Extra-territorial zoning has been a controversial area of policy in North Dakota for some time now. Essentially it’s state law which allows municipalities to regulate areas outside of their jurisdiction. Depending on the size of the community, they can implement zoning regulations up to four miles outside of their city limits. The problem? The citizens

Audio: Republican Gov Candidate Doug Burgum Says He Doesn’t Know if Trump Is a Disaster, “I Guess We’ll See on Nov 8”

I had Republican gubernatorial candidate Doug Burgum on my radio show today. My first question for him was relevant to a post I wrote this morning about the Marvin Nelson campaign complaining that Burgum’s running mate wouldn’t debate. Apparently the University of Mary tried to schedule a debate between Nelson’s running mate, state Senator Joan

The Honeymoon Will Be Over for Doug Burgum When He Starts Getting Specific on Policy

Doug Burgum won the NDGOP’s gubernatorial primary last week by appealing to a faction of conservative Republicans upset with free-spending state lawmakers and the perception that many of the state’s elected officials – the oft-referenced “good old boys club” – are out of touch. He turned that victory into a landslide by also appealing to

Senator Nicole Poolman: “I’m Worried About the Legislature”

Bismarck state Senator Nicole Poolman was, until Tuesday, Attorney General Wayne Stenehjem’s running mate on the gubernatorial ticket. But Stenehjem/Poolman got bested by Doug Burgum and his running mate, Watford City Mayor Brent Sanford, and Poolman says she’s ready to get behind Burgum to win. “We have a good, strong ticket at the top,” she