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Burgum Campaign: Stenehjem's Running Mate Voted For Investment Subsidies

Burgum Campaign: Stenehjem's Running Mate Voted For Investment Subsidies

Doug Burgum’s campaign against the “good old boy network” hit a reality shaped ice berg this morning when it came out that he was one of the “good old boys” using investment subsidies intended to promote economic development in North Dakota to support out of state investments. This afternoon the Burgum campaign emailed to let

Jim Kasper: North Dakota Must Withdraw From Common Core And Smarter Balanced Consortium

Those parents and citizens who supported the efforts lead by  myself and a small number of Legislators, during  the 2015 Legislative Session to extract North Dakota from  the  Smarter Balanced Assessment Consortium, (SBAC) and Common Core, are thankful that the powers that be here in North Dakotas have “seen the light” and now are fully

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State Senator Nicole Poolman Unanimously Chosen As Wayne Stenehjem's Running Mate

Rumors about state Senator Nicole Poolman being Wayne Stenehjem’s running mate have been around for about as long as Stenehjem’s gubernatorial campaign has. This time around, the conventional wisdom won, and Poolman was unanimously selected by the delegates to be Stenehjem’s running mate. There had been talk of state Rep. Kim Koppelman being endorsed from

Western Lawmaker Vicky Steiner A Possibility For Doug Burgum's Running Mate

Republican sources tell me that state Rep. Vicky Steiner – a Republican from District 37 in Dickinson – is being considered as a running mate by gubernatorial candidate Doug Burgum. I reached out to Steiner yesterday evening and asked her about the rumors. She told me initially via text message she had “No comment at

Video: ND House Kills Anti-Holiday Shopping Bill

Earlier this legislative session the state Senate passed a bill, SB2208, which takes aim at stores opening on holidays like Thanksgiving and Christmas. The legislation, sponsored by Senator Dave Oehlke (R-Devils Lake) would have prohibited any lease from requiring that a business be open on Thanksgiving or Christmas (there is already a prohibition on a

ND Senate Says No To Earlier Sunday Booze Sales

HB1434, introduced by Rep. Marie Strinden (D-Grand Forks) would have allowed for restaurants to begin serving alcohol one hour earlier on Sundays. It’s called the “brunch” bill, since Sunday morning mimosas are a fad right now. North Dakota has the latest start-time for alcohol sales on Sundays in the region, starting at noon. Minnesota starts

Video: Senate Declines To Protect Historical Society From State Fair Eviction

I’ve written previously (here and here) about the feud between the Ward County Historical Society and the North Dakota State Fair. The State Fair Association wants the Historical Society off the fairgrounds because they want to expand, though the State Fair folks are being coy about what exactly they want to do with the property.

Video: North Dakota Senate Passes Anti-Black Friday Shopping Bill

Every holiday shopping season Americans have a debate about Black Friday, complete with grumping about stores opening during the holidays themselves. Today in the Senate lawmakers passed a bill aimed at curbing some holiday openings. Currently state law prohibits any retail leases or agreements from requiring that a store be open on Sundays. SB2208, sponsored