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Plain Talk Podcast: ND United Keeping Options Open for Lawsuit Over Mistake in Allocations to Constitutional Funds

Plain Talk Podcast: ND United Keeping Options Open for Lawsuit Over Mistake in Allocations to Constitutional Funds

Could the state of North Dakota be sued over a mistake in how oil tax revenues were allocated to certain constitutional funds? On this episode of Plain Talk the head of North Dakota’s combined teacher and public worker unions, Nick Archuleta of North Dakota United, says that’s something he and his group like like to

Democrat-Backed Measure to Raise Oil Taxes Gets Chilly Reception Even From Left Wing Allies

About a week ago North Dakota Democrats – specifically current state Senator Merrill Piepkorn and former state Rep. Ed Gruchalla – announced a ballot measure effort to raise North Dakota’s oil tax. Democrats have long been unhappy with reforms passed in 2015 which eliminated a massive exemption from the extraction tax triggered by low prices

In Deleted Tweet Head of North Dakota Education/Public Worker Group Calls Trump a “Racist” and “Liar”

North Dakota United is an umbrella organization for the state’s combined teacher and public worker unions. Nick Archuleta is the head of that group, and in a now-deleted tweet he referred to President Donald Trump as a liar and a racist: This isn’t the first time Archuleta has gone after Trump on Twitter. This January

Dalrymple Spokesman: Laws Were Followed When Giving Staff Bonuses

Democrats are questioning whether or not Governor Jack Dalrymple’s office followed the laws governing retention bonuses for state employees when five of the governor’s staff got nearly $100,000 in bonuses. Here’s what Robert Haider, executive director of the North Dakota Democrat Party, posted on Twitter: Are chief of staff, comms hard-to-fill? Does gov's office have

Not Every Education Problem Can Be Fixed By Giving Teachers A Raise

A couple of weeks back Superintendent Kirsten Baesler announced a proposal to address chronic teacher shortages in the state, and frankly it was a breath of fresh air. Succinctly, Baesler wants to crack open the door to letting people with subject matter expertise – “community experts” is the term being used – but who lack

North Dakota Public Worker/Teacher Unions Show Solidarity With…Planned Parenthood?

North Dakota United is a group formed by the state’s two largest unions: The teachers and the public workers. The group claims to represent over 11,000 people, and describes itself on its website as a “professional organization.” You’d think, from the way they describe themselves, that they mostly concern themselves with professional development and advocacy

Possibility Of Vouchers Is Only Reason To Support Early Childhood Education

Very often lobbyists representing educator groups or unions are accused of being more concerned with policy that benefits educators as opposed to policy which benefits students. I think that truism manifested itself yesterday during a committee hearing over SB2151 which would create a state early childhood education program. But what’s interesting about the bill is