In Deleted Tweet Head of North Dakota Education/Public Worker Group Calls Trump a “Racist” and “Liar”


North Dakota United is an umbrella organization for the state’s combined teacher and public worker unions. Nick Archuleta is the head of that group, and in a now-deleted tweet he referred to President Donald Trump as a liar and a racist:

This isn’t the first time Archuleta has gone after Trump on Twitter. This January 5 tweet is one example, though it’s less inflammatory than the aforementioned deleted tweet:

The tweeet has caused quite a stir among state lawmakers, several of whom sent a screen shot of the posting to me this morning. This from a Republican lawmaker in the House who sits on the Education Committee. A key committee, as you might imagine, for Archuleta’s line of work:

If that was a R lobbyists The D’s would hold their feet to the fire and torch them. That is unprofessional of him to do. Apparently he forgets how much this state supports Trump…I guarantee you this will hurt him and the organization he represents. I like him personally I really do but what a huge mistake career wise.

It’s worth noting that Trump won over 64 percent of the vote in North Dakota on election day in 2016. The Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton won just 27.8 percent.

North Dakota United bills itself as a non-partisan organization, which makes sense given that they must lobby Republican majorities in North Dakota, though in practice the organization’s leadership is very far to the left.

This tweet from Archuleta being a shining example of that leftward bent.

I’ve reached out to Archuleta for comment and will update this post with anything I receive.

UPDATE: Mr. Archuleta sent me the following statement:

I deleted the tweet after less than a minute because I was embarrassed that I had let my frustration with recent assertions by President Trump to cause me to respond in a manner that was not reflective of the person I am. Name-calling is wrong, and I try not to engage in name-calling. The tweet was beneath the standard I set for myself, and I apologize for sending it.

To answer your first question, I sent the tweet as a result of my frustration with President Trump’s recent remarks, in which he described certain sovereign nations as “s***hole countries.”

My experience, based on people I have met and know from several of the countries that President Trump referred to, is in direct conflict with what the President stated. In fact, just a few weeks ago, my wife and I had a young man from Cameroon in our kitchen. As we made Christmas cookies, this young man spoke lovingly and honestly about his home country. He acknowledged the challenges there, but also told us a great deal about his family and the people who live there. He described them as people of great integrity, honor, industry, and pride. And that is how I would describe him, as well. None of what he said reflected that his nation of origin is a “s***hole country.”

And he has not just talked about the values of his home country. In a very real and personal way, he has lived up to them, here in North Dakota. My grandson, owing to a congenital heart condition, underwent a heart transplant last summer. This young man arranged a special Mass at his church to direct special blessings to my grandson. My grandson is now on the mend, thanks in no small measure, in my view, to the efforts of this great young man.

It was against this backdrop that I allowed my frustration with President Trump’s comments to overrule my common sense, and I posted the tweet in which I expressed what I did. Again, I apologize to anyone offended by my remarks.