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2014 Was SAB's Best Year Ever

2014 Was SAB's Best Year Ever

It’s the end of another year and this one went by all too quickly. That is all too often the case when it comes to good years, and 2014 was a very good year for SAB. In addition to having the best year ever in terms of visitors and engagement (despite largely eschewing traffic-driving national

Schafer Column: North Dakota Is No Stranger To Sequester-Style Budget Gimmicks

The recent news articles about the National Park Service not being able to keep open the Painted Canyon Overlook at the Theodore Roosevelt National Park is a sure example of how government officials are trying to show the lowly citizens how wrong they are to demand a more affordable government. “We’ll show them they need

Senate Approves Bill To Expand Sale Of Fireworks In North Dakota

It got overshadowed by the abortion bills considered in the House, but in the Senate yesterday HB1259 introduced by Rep. Blair Thoreson was debated and passed on a narrow 24-23 vote. This wasn’t the bottle rocket ban – that’s HB1257. Rather, HB1259 expands the dates on which fireworks can be sold. Under current law fireworks