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John Olsrud: Time To End Prayers At The Legislature?

John Olsrud: Time To End Prayers At The Legislature?

For 25 years when I was director of the North Dakota Legislative Council, I coordinated the chaplaincy program for both legislative chambers. Once the program was set up, and a clergy coordinator was selected by a local ministerial association, we told that coordinator the program had to be inclusive and nondenominational. We then kept at

ND Lawmaker Hints At Boycott If Muslim Leader Is Invited Back For Invocation

The decision by some house lawmakers to reject an invocation which was to have been delivered to North Dakota House on Ash Wednesday has created no small amount of controversy and attracted national media attention. Now a lawmaker at the center of the controversy is hinting at a boycott, and his political party is putting

Muslim Group Calls On Republicans To Apologize For Opposing Islamic Invocation

The Minnesota chapter of CAIR (the Council on American-Islamic Relations) is demanding that North Dakota Republicans apologize for opposing an invocation that was to be delivered earlier this week (on Ash Wednesday) to the state House. As I wrote at Watchdog today, Dr. Nadim Koleilat of the Bismarck Muslim Communinity Center, delivered an address to