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John Andrist: Thoughts On The Minimum Wage From A Member Of The 8%

John Andrist: Thoughts On The Minimum Wage From A Member Of The 8%

The city of Los Angeles is the latest to pass a minimum wage for workers of $15 an hour, and a $15 floor at the federal level seems to be gaining steam. While I have my opinions, it has  occurred to me I may not have the credentials to take a stand. You see, I’m

Minnesota Is Losing Its Young People, And North Dakota Is Gaining Them

For a long time North Dakota had a serious problem with outmigration. Our young people were leaving the state to find opportunity elsewhere, very often in the Minneapolis/St. Paul area. The result was an aging, shrinking state population. But in recent years that trend has reversed. Not only has North Dakota’s population been one, if not the,

Video: ND House Defeats Minimum Wage Increase For Tipped Workers

HB1438 would have raised the minimum wage for tipped workers over the course of several years to be on-par with the minimum wage for non-tipped workers over the course of several years. It was introduced by Rep. Josh Boschee (D-Fargo), and came to the House floor today after getting an 11-4 “do not pass” recommendation

Democrats Push Bill To Raise Minimum Wage For Tipped Workers

One general exception to minimum wage laws are so-called tipped workers. People like waiters and delivery drivers who make a great deal of their earnings from tips. Employers face a much lower minimum wage mandate for these workers, but a group of Democrat lawmakers (and one Republican) want to change that. HB1438, introduced by Rep.

"Moderate" Heidi Heitkamp Wants To Hold Keystone Hostage For Minimum Wage Hike

Senator Heidi Heitkamp barely won the 2012 election which put her in office. This lack of a meaningful mandate from voters means the Senator has to work very hard to cultivate an image as a moderate. That’s certainly how she’s been positioning herself since most of her political allies were rejected by voters in 2014.

Walmart Continues Charity For Employees Despite Misguided Political Criticism

Last year Walmart was the target of a social media firestorm after it was revealed that they were running a food drive for some of their employees. The outraged felt that this was hypocritical on Walmart’s part since the company could obviously solve of their employees’ struggles with poverty by just paying them more. They

Ernie Goss: Rising Minimum Wage Means Less Hours For Workers

The current popular rant among many non-economists is that opposition to raising the minimum wage is equivalent to opposition to worker rights. Those who are more intellectually curious will find there is no theoretical basis for this conclusion and empirical studies have come down on both sides of the argument–i.e. increasing the minimum wage is

James Kerian: North Dakota Showcases The Power Of Competition

North Dakota’s elected officials like to take credit for our state’s booming economy. Their challengers like to point out that no incumbent every put oil in the ground. Some of North Dakota’s policy makers say that if other states did things our way the country would be in much better shape economically. Others retort that