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Obama's Tariff On Low-Wage Labor

Obama's Tariff On Low-Wage Labor

George Mason Professor of Economics Donald Boudreaux asks President Obama to justify his proposal for increasing minimum wages with his policy of inflating the price of imported goods with tariffs: Dear Mr. Obama: In this year’s State of the Union Show you called for the hourly minimum-wage to be raised from $7.25 to $9.00. That’s

With Call For Minimum Wage Hike Obama Is Putting The Screws To Young Americans Again

Obamacare is turning out to be a swift, hard kick in the pants for America’s youth (a demographic that voted overwhelmingly to re-elect the President). Now, with his call during his State of the Union address for an increase in the minimum wage, President Obama is set to put the screws to younger Americans again.

American Entrepreneurship Is Dying

Via Jim Pethokoukis, here’s a frightening chart: Free markets depend on creative destruction. Old ways of doing things are constantly replaced by new, better ways of doing things. So, we should want to see a steady number of jobs created by new businesses, but as the chart shows we’re not seeing that at all. Which

The Minimum Wage Doesn't Help, It Hurts

Last night during his State of the Union address, President Obama called for raising the federal minimum wage to $9/hour: “We know our economy’s stronger when we reward an honest day’s work with honest wages. But today, a full-time worker making the minimum wage earns $14,500 a year. Even with the tax relief we’ve put

ND House Votes Down Minimum Wage Increase

Rep. Steve Zaiser introduced HB1414 which would have mandated annual increases in North Dakota’s minimum wage indexed to inflation as calculated by North Dakota State University. It was debated on the floor of the House today and voted down by a 24 – 70 vote. Here’s video of the floor debate. Zaiser and fellow Democrat

Employees In Right-To-Work States Make 4% More

The unions and those opposed to right-to-work laws generally are fond of claiming that incomes in right-to-work states are lower. Thus, they claim that right to work laws make people poorer. They’re right if you just look at the numbers superficially. Incomes tend to be lower in right to work states. The problem is that

Legislation Introduced Today Addresses Minimum Wage, Divorce Waiting Periods, Drones And Firearm Confiscations

Lots of interesting new bills introduced in the state legislature today. Here’s a run down of a few that caught my eye: Department of Labor HB1369, introduced by Rep. Kathy Hawken, would re-name North Dakota’s Department of Labor to the Department of Labor and Human Rights. Can you say “mission creep?” Drones HB1373, introduced by

Americans 55 And Older Only Demographic Showing Job Growth

These charts, by way of Zero Hedge, are a sad commentary on the state of the national economy: What’s causing this? Probably a number of reasons. With fewer jobs in the economy, the most experienced workers are going to benefit. That’s going to be the 55+ age group. Also, policies such as the minimum wage

Democrat Governors Call For Automatic Minimum Wage Increases

Chris Gregoire and John Kitzhaber, the governors of Washington and Oregon respectively, want the federal government to raise the minimum wage and then put in place a system for automatic wage hikes in the future. Based on our experience, we offer three proposals to help build an American economy that works for everyone. First, Congress