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James Kerian: Memorial Day Shows Limits Of Individualism

James Kerian: Memorial Day Shows Limits Of Individualism

There’s an old saying that “there are no atheists in foxholes.”  There is something about the gripping terror of modern warfare that tends (though I’m sure there are exceptions) to make certain fundamental aspects of our relationship to our Creator abundantly clear.  We can get ourselves all tied up in knots and doubts when things

Casey Neumiller: A Challenge For Memorial Day

(Warning: no tongue-in-cheek to follow.) Memorial Day is often celebrated as the kickoff for summer. This year in particular it fits, as graduation for many of the local high schools are on Sunday, officially closing out the school year. This year, I’d like to challenge you to do something besides grilling, camping, or fishing. Take a

Is North Dakota For Sale To Conservation Groups?

Over the Memorial Day weekend my family and I stopped off at the Lewis and Clark Interpretive Center in Washburn (often derided as the world’s most expensive highway rest area by our legislators). The exhibits were underwhelming, to say the least, certainly not worth the more than $20 it cost my family to get in

Some Claim Pro-Life Demonstration At State Capitol Is Against Policy

Over the Memorial Day weekend, pro-life demonstrators plan to plant 66,000 flags on the mall at the state capitol in Bismack to represent the number of abortions which have taken place in the state since Roe vs. Wade. “Women are coming out more and more in droves and are talking about their experience and how

North Dakota House Votes Down Bill Mandating Later School Year Start Date

Currently North Dakota law leaves the school year start date up to local school districts. Many districts choose to start their school years in mid to early August, which causes a number of headaches. Families have a smaller window into which vacations and other summer time leisure activities must be fit. Seasonal business, particularly those