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Podcast: State’s First Licensed Medical Marijuana Business Says North Dakota Has Done “Fantastic Job” With Implementation

Podcast: State’s First Licensed Medical Marijuana Business Says North Dakota Has Done “Fantastic Job” With Implementation

Ben Kimbro of Harvest Enterprise, the business which was awarded North Dakota’s first license to sell medical marijuana, praises the way the state has handled the implementing the law. Many have accused the Legislature and state officials of sandbagging the process, but Kimbro says “North Dakota has done a fantastic job.” “I would tell you

Podcast: Medical Marijuana, Josh Boschee, Mac Schneider

Jason Wahl from the North Dakota Department of Health joined me on my radio show today to talk about the progress on implementing the medicinal marijuana law. Democratic Secretary of State candidate Josh Boschee talked about the possibility of shorter voting hours in Cass County and the recent ruling by a federal judge on North

Attorney General: North Dakota’s Ban on Corporate Farming Won’t Apply to Medical Marijuana Growers

As the State of North Dakota works toward implementing the legalization of medical marijuana voters approved on the 2016 ballot, one issue relating to our state’s ban on corporate farming cropped up. Is growing medical marijuana farming for the purposes of the corporate farming ban? That’s the question Mylynn Tufte, the State Health Officer, asked

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Audio: ND Medical Marijuana Program Director Says Expected Length of Implementation Is About Average

The North Dakota Department of Health is estimating that medical marijuana won’t be available in North Dakota for another 11-13 months. Voters in the state approved medical marijuana on the ballot a year ago, though the ballot measure they cast their ballots for was so flawed it didn’t actually decriminalize medical marijuana. That forced the

We Need to Fix the Disconnect Between State and Federal Policy on Marijuana

In a recent editorial the Fargo Forum suggested a law granting reciprocity on marijuana policy among the various states. They want to call it Melissa’s Law, named after musician Melissa Etheridge who was arrested in North Dakota recently by federal authorities while trying to enter the country from Canada with marijuana in her possession. Etheridge is

Podcast: Will North Dakota’s Government Employees Be Able to Use Medical Marijuana?

On my radio show yesterday Aaron Birst from the North Dakota Association of Counties said his group’s membership is grappling with the reality of implementing new medical marijuana policy as created by voters on the 2016 ballot and amended by lawmakers during their 2017 session earlier this year. Among the questions they need to answer?

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Maybe the Legislature Should Let Medical Marijuana Proponents Live With Their Stupid Ballot Measure

In their latest bout of insufferable belly aching, the proponents of legal medical marijuana in North Dakota are now threatening legal action over legislative handling of the issue. “We don’t believe that the state Legislature needs or wants a lawsuit concerning (the medical marijuana law),” Riley Ray Morgan, the organizer behind last year’s initiated measure, told

Senator Judy Lee (R-Fargo) speaks in favor of a bill to change an initiated measure approved by voters to legalize access to medical marijuana.

Video: With Strong Bipartisan Support, Senate Passes Changes to Medical Marijuana Measure

One of the most contentious topics in the North Dakota legislature so far has been the issue of medical marijuana. Much of that contention focused on what is and is not the will of the people. Opponents to SB2344, legislation backed by the bi-partisan leadership of the House and Senate chambers, say that the Legislature

Republicans Should Adopt Changes to Medical Marijuana Legislation Proposed by Democrats

In November our state’s voters approved a ballot measure which everyone thought would give citizens legal access to medical marijuana. In reality the ballot measure was such a poorly-written mess – a shining example of the stupidity of legislating at the ballot box – that it didn’t even actually decriminalize medical marijuana. Left to stand,

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The Medical Marijuana Measure Was So Stupidly Written It Didn’t Actually Decriminalize Medical Marijuana

There has been a lot of carrying on about the Legislature undermining the “will of the people” by taking up some modifications to law created by Measure 5 in November. That measure, of course, was the medical marijuana initiative. It earned nearly 64 percent of the vote, but as evidence of just how little scrutiny