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Rick Olson: Could "Any Willing Provider" Legislation Be The Key To A Future Measure 7?

Rick Olson: Could "Any Willing Provider" Legislation Be The Key To A Future Measure 7?

Despite the resounding defeat of Measure #7 on Tuesday, I predict that the pharmacy ownership law issue isn’t done yet.  In fact, I have heard that it could come up again, but in a manner which is not directly about allowing the large retail stores to have pharmacies.  This could happen as soon as the

Rick Olson: An Epitaph For Measure 7

The people of North Dakota finally had an opportunity on Tuesday to decide the fate of North Dakota’s protectionist pharmacy ownership law once and for all. Well, as many of you probably know, Measure #7 was soundly defeated in Tuesday’s general election. With all of the state’s precincts reporting, the measure was soundly defeated. Unofficial

LegitSlater: 2014 Mid Term Election Reflection

It’s finally over. The ads have grown annoying, even for the candidates and measures I support. I am worn out from debating the issues in this election. I can only imagine how the candidates and committees feel as they have been living it for the past several months. As I write this (it’s Tuesday night,

The Only People Measure 7 Protects Is Rich North Dakota Pharmacists

Measure 7 on the ballot next week would repeal North Dakota’s pharmacy protection law which prohibits ownership of pharmacies by non-pharmacists. Not surprisingly, the people who already own pharmacies in North Dakota love the law. And why wouldn’t they? It severely limits competition. Maybe I should lobby for a bill to prohibit the access of

LegitSlater: My Take on the Measures- 7 and 8

This post wraps up my take on the initiated measures on the November ballot. In week 1 I addressed Measures 1, 2, and 3 (Yes, Yes, and Yes). Last week I covered Measures 4, 5, and 6 (Yes, No, and Yes). This week I’ll finish up with 7 and 8. MEASURE 7 What it says: This initiated

Amanda Godfread: Clearing Up Myths About Measure 7

In discussions surrounding Measure 7, a number of myths have been stated as facts. In an effort to correct information for voters and pharmacy consumers leading up to November 4, North Dakotans for Lower Pharmacy Prices has put together the following “Myth vs. Fact” list: Myth #1: If Measure 7 passes then independent pharmacies will