Anti-Measure 7 Campaign Literature Lacks Legally-Required Disclosure


In the Measure 5 debate the proponents recently made a major stink of the lack of a disclaimer complete legally-required disclaimer on campaign items being distributed by the American Petroleum Institute. It turns out API put a message indicating that the items had been paid for by their group, but they forgot to list a person as well.

The anti-Measure 7 folks have made a similar error, in yet another example of their total lack of regard for the state’s campaign laws, except they didn’t put a disclaimer on their materials at all.

A reader sends along the photos below of his prescription bag, front and back, received recently at Dakota Pharmacy on East Main Street in Bismarck:


As you can see, there are no disclaimers anywhere on the bag, a fact the reader also confirmed.

The campaign against Measure 7 has had big problems complying with state election laws. Whether it failing to file any of their campaign finance disclosures within almost two weeks of the deadline, or the fact that the various pharmacy interests fighting the measure don’t seem to be completely reporting all of their in-kind contributions, they just can’t seem to follow the law.

This is particularly important because one area of attack against the pro-Measure 7 side is the fact that Walmart is bankrolling a significant portion of the campaign. We know that, because the pro-Measure 7 campaign and Walmart have scrupulously disclosed all of their campaign activities.

Unlike the anti-Measure 7 side.

But here in North Dakota, we don’t seem to bother with silly things like enforcing campaign laws.