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Post-Election Fallout For Conservation Groups Continues

Post-Election Fallout For Conservation Groups Continues

Ever since Measure 5 (the constitutional amendment to create an oil tax slush fund for conservation groups) flopped on the statewide ballot (almost 80 percent of voters cast no votes) I’ve been arguing that the ill-advised campaign didn’t just squander millions on a losing ballot measure effort. The conservation activists also wounded their cause for

Sherlock Holmes Calling Measure 5 Opponents "Liars" Is Worst Ad Of The Cycle

The proponents of Measure 5, the conservation measure on the ballot next week, have spent millions on their campaign. They’ve paid “volunteers” to organize their petition drive. They’ve spent millions on slick marketing and television ads. But the marketing also suffered from a number of embarrassing gaffes. Like accidentally using pictures of South Dakota to

Will Measure 5 Supporters Be Filing Criminal Charges Against Themselves?

Last week the North Dakotans for Clean Water, Wildlife, and Parks (the proponents of Measure 5) filed a complaint with the Secretary of State’s office over advertising by the American Petroleum Institute which didn’t have the complete, legally-required campaign disclosure on it. And they’re right. State law requires that all political advertising “must disclose on

Whoops: Measure 5 Campaign Literature Missing Legally-Required Disclaimer

Earlier this week the North Dakotans for Clean Water, Wildlife, and Parks went on the offensive against the American Petroleum institute over campaign items being distributed without the full, legally-required disclosure. “The American Petroleum Institute has swooped into our state and brought its Washington D.C.-style dirty campaigning to North Dakota. As a trade association, they