Sherlock Holmes Calling Measure 5 Opponents "Liars" Is Worst Ad Of The Cycle


The proponents of Measure 5, the conservation measure on the ballot next week, have spent millions on their campaign. They’ve paid “volunteers” to organize their petition drive. They’ve spent millions on slick marketing and television ads. But the marketing also suffered from a number of embarrassing gaffes.

Like accidentally using pictures of South Dakota to portray North Dakota. Or using a phony-baloney teacher in a fake classroom. Or using a bunch of guys who oppose the measure in television ads.

You’d think a multi-million dollar marketing campaign would be more competent than that. You’d also think they’d be able to avoid something as cartoonishly bad as this:

This is where we’re at on the Measure 5 debate? Sherlock Holmes and Doctor Watson accusing Measure 5 opponents of being lying liars who lie?

At the end of this campaign, the pro-Measure 5 folks might want to check into getting some of their money back.