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Matt Evans: A Clarifying Point About The Definition Of Terrorism

Matt Evans: A Clarifying Point About The Definition Of Terrorism

Yesterday, a naturalized American Citizen from Kuwait opened fire on a military recruiting station and a Naval Reserve station. At the latter location, he ended up killing 4 US Marines. The media and various government officials were quick to call this an act of domestic terrorism. Here is the beginning of the Wikipedia article on

Matt Evans: Our President Is Wrong Again About Gun Violence

President Obama was quick to get some camera time after this week’s shooting at a church in South Carolina.  The President transitioned from talking about the shooting into a critique of America’s gun laws. You can see his comments here. At about 3 minutes into the video, the President starts.  He laments that this is

Matt Evans: If The EPA Cares About Me So Much, It Can Send A Card

I am responding to Mr. Olsrud’s article from Wednesday, titled “when did the EPA become the bad guys”. Go read the piece, if you haven’t.  I’ll wait. I was really disappointed when I read this.  Given the stature and experience of the author, I was hoping for something better and more convincing. The first difficulty

Matt Evans: Democrats Sound Damn Peculiar Telling Us What Jesus Thinks About Legislation

You probably thought you were done hearing about SB2279 – the so called anti-discrimination bill – for a little while. Well, not just yet. I finally got around to watching the video footage of all of the speeches given prior to the SB2279 House vote. If you look below you can see the video of different

Matt Evans: SB2279 Will Pass Eventually

SB2279 failed this time, but it’s going to pass eventually. Here’s why.  SB2279 is really about a fight that most people conceded decades ago.  It’s about a fight few will name and fewer want to have.  So, most opponents of SB2279 are trying to fight this specific bill, while fundamentally agreeing with the underlying ideology