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Matt Evans: On Burgum, Ballots, Conventions, And Delegates

Matt Evans: On Burgum, Ballots, Conventions, And Delegates

Yesterday, Doug Burgum confirmed that he is running for governor.  He’s calling himself a Republican.  However, he also explained that he was going to run as a Republican whether the Republican Party wanted him to or not. Confused? It’s confusing. It all has to do with how names get on ballots. Ever wonder how those

Matt Evans: Are You Ready To Vote For The Donald?

Donald Trump’s website now has THREE issues! Since we last discussed Donald Trump’s website, he’s added two more positions. His previous position paper on immigration policy (which was really written by Senator Jeff Sessions) didn’t receive near as much as his shooting from the hip comments on immigration. But the policy paper was good. It

Matt Evans: Angry About Mass Shootings? Congratulations, You're Racist.

According to ShootingTracker.com*, there have been 375 deaths in 2015 from Mass Shootings.  Some of these “mass shootings” had zero actual deaths, so I’m not going to vouch for the criteria of this site.  Given that, their number might be too high.  But let’s just go with it. From listening to our President, and from

Matt Evans: The Republican Demographic Apocalypse

Immigrants and immigration have been in the news for a long time, but recently, there has been increased focus, both locally and on the national stage.  Locally, we were treated to the controversy around the refugee resettlements happening in the Fargo area, orchestrated by Lutheran Social Services.  There was an outpouring of local sentiment ranging