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Print Column: Stop Throwing Pies

Print Column: Stop Throwing Pies

MINOT, N.D. — In this moment of American politics we spend little time debating actual policy. For the politicians and pundits, policy has become merely an excuse for a protracted national soap opera. A thin veneer over what is little more than a pie throwing contest. Take state Rep. Mary Adams, a Democrat from Grand

Democrat Lawmaker Offers Non-Apology for Hitler Memes

If your apology starts with “I’m sorry if” it’s not really an apology. Yet that’s how Rep. Mary Adams, Hitler meme aficionado, worded a letter to the editor of the Grand Forks Herald. She even started off the letter acting as if an elected official comparing the President of the United States to Hitler (not to

If It’s About Safety and Not Revenues, Why Let Local Governments Keep Revenues From Traffic Fines?

Yesterday the state House approved SB2304, allowing local governments to assess traffic fines beyond what is set in state law. “There’ll be much talk about how the cities are trying to raise revenue, but that is not true. This is truly a safety issue,” Rep. Mary Adams, a Grand Forks Democrat and Hitler meme aficionado,

A Lawmaker Posting Memes Comparing Trump to Hitler Is Why North Dakota Democrats Can’t Get Traction at the Ballot Box

“Will Democrats Ever Be Able to Win Back Rural America?” That was the headline over a recent Vice article by former Grand Forks Herald reporter Sam Easter. Given his background covering the state, Easter chose to explore an answer to that question by focusing on Democrats in North Dakota. And conclusion of the article seems