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Audio: Gubernatorial Candidates Marvin Nelson, Marty Riske Debate

Audio: Gubernatorial Candidates Marvin Nelson, Marty Riske Debate

On my radio show today I hosted a debate between the gubernatorial candidates. Or, at least, two of the candidates. Republican candidate Doug Burgum, who was all kinds of available back during the Republican primary, has become less accessible now that we’ve entered the general election portion of the contest. I sent an invitation to

Marty Riske: Raising Taxes on Tobacco and Vaping Is Not a Good Solution

This November, the voters of North Dakota will have several divergent ballot measures to weigh in on. One such measure is a brazen attempt to socially engineer behavior with the state’s tax code. Newspaper editorial boards such as the Fargo Forum and Grand Forks Herald have already decided this tax increase is the way to go,

Marty Riske: Western Area Water Supply Project Must Respect Property Rights

Like many I have watched from afar as a certain project created by the State of North Dakota has been allowed to use the power of government to push local landowners around. As someone who has not been deeply involved with the controversy surrounding the Western Area Water Supply Authority (WAWSA) which has now existed

Marty Riske: Governor Dalrymple Should Appoint Ed Schafer to Solve North Dakota’s Budget Mess

North Dakota’s reliance on oil industry taxation and the related sales tax continue to deflate.  Just this week, the announcement that year-over-year quarterly taxable sales have dropped by a full third (33%) which shows us that the budget that has been built up over the last several legislative sessions cannot be considered a starting point.

Libertarians Need to Get Real About North Dakota’s Priorities

North Dakota’s Libertarians have a real opportunity this election cycle. They’re still a long shot to win any of the races they’re running candidates in, but with the North Dakota Democratic party fading in relevancy, there is a chance for Libertarian Candidates to gain some traction in the minds of North Dakota voters with strong


North Dakota Libertarians Have A Full Slate Of Statewide Candidates, Democrats Do Not

With the April 11 candidate deadline looming, the North Dakota Libertarian Party finally has a candidate for governor. Marty Riske, a Fargo-based businessman and former chair of the LP, will be making his announcement later this morning. He’ll be on the Jay Thomas Show on AM 979 WDAY at 2:05pm today if you want to