North Dakota Libertarians Have A Full Slate Of Statewide Candidates, Democrats Do Not


With the April 11 candidate deadline looming, the North Dakota Libertarian Party finally has a candidate for governor.

Marty Riske, a Fargo-based businessman and former chair of the LP, will be making his announcement later this morning.

He’ll be on the Jay Thomas Show on AM 979 WDAY at 2:05pm today if you want to listen.

I believe that completes the statewide slate for the Libertarians, who have a candidate for ever slot now with Riske’s announcement.

That’s pretty remarkable given that the North Dakota Democrats have so far left four statewide races – auditor, treasurer, public service commissioner, and insurance commissioner – empty.

Back in February I wrote that the Libertarians could benefit greatly from the fade of North Dakota Democrats.

It’s a real opportunity. I don’t think they could win one of these races, but what if one of their candidates got like a third of the vote?

That would be a big deal for a party whose candidates usually get about 5 percent of the vote.

UPDATE: The Libertarians do have a full slate of statewide candidates, but they haven’t announced them all yet. They’ll be making an announcement on a candidate for Treasurer soon.

UPDATE: Here’s the official press release:

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