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Podcast: Al Jaeger, Josh Boschee, and Senate Debate Preview

Podcast: Al Jaeger, Josh Boschee, and Senate Debate Preview

On the radio show today Secretary of State Al Jaeger, and his Democratic challenger Josh Boschee, each gave their sides of the story about a problem with misprinted ballots in Mercer County. Jaeger says the mistake was made at the county level. Boshcee says it’s Jaeger’s fault, and part of a pattern of errors coming

Podcast: Democratic House Candidate Mac Schneider Calls DNC Ban on Oil Industry Donations “Dumb”

“It is dumb to do what the DNC did,” Democratic U.S. House candidate Mac Schneider told me in an interview today on my radio show. He was referring to the decision by the Democratic National Committee to put a ban on accepting campaign contributions from the oil and gas industry. “It is absurd,” he said.

Podcast: Rep. Josh Boschee Talks About Campaign for Secretary of State

On my radio show today state Rep. Josh Boschee, a Democrat from District 44 who has announced a campaign for Secretary of State, joined me to talk about seeking statewide office. Not surprisingly, he jabbed Republican incumbent Al Jaeger over a lack of progress toward modernizing his office. “He’s depending on a 1985 version of