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UPDATED: With Incumbent Kelly Schmidt Retiring, Fargo Republican Says He’s Interested in Running for State Treasurer

UPDATED: With Incumbent Kelly Schmidt Retiring, Fargo Republican Says He’s Interested in Running for State Treasurer

North Dakota Treasurer Kelly Schmidt, a Republican, has announced she won’t seek a fifth four-year term in office during the 2020 election cycle. “This is not something I have taken lightly,” she told Bismarck Tribune reporter Jack Dura. “I have thought about it. I have prayed about it. I have visited with my family about

Attorney General Stenehjem Disputes Treasurer Schmidt’s Claim That His Office Told Her to Continue Erroneous Oil Tax Allocations

Earlier this year it was revealed that oil tax allocations to various state funds weren’t being made properly. This was revealed during negotiations the state had with the Three Affiliated Tribes of the Fort Berthold reservation over a new oil tax agreement. State officials now believe revenues from the state’s share of oil taxes levied

Roscoe Streyle: The Law Is Not Ambiguous, Lawmakers Must Make the State’s Constitutional Funds Whole

This guest post was submitted by Minot resident Roscoe Streyle, a former member of the state House of Representatives. In 1889 the State of North Dakota, through an act of Congress called The Enabling Act, received a gift of over 3 million acres of land from the Federal Government for the purpose of funding public

It’s Time to Stop Listening to the Legacy Fund Hoarders

In 2009 the North Dakota Legislature passed a constitutional amendment to create a fund out of a portion of taxes on oil and gas development. It was passed by the voters in the 2010 election, and the result is the Legacy Fund which has a balance of around $5 billion. Over the years there have

Republican Legislative Leaders Announce Propose New Funds for Infrastructure (And Hint at Legacy Fund Lending Program)

The leadership of the North Dakota Legislature – specifically House Majority Leader Al Carlson, a Republican from Fargo, and Senate Majority Leader Rich Wardner, a Republican from Dickinson – are traveling the state today to announce a big new spending package to address infrastructure needs and, according to their press release, lower local tax burdens.

Treasurer Kelly Schmidt: How Congress Can Support Investment in Our Communities

This guest post was submitted by North Dakota Treasurer Kelly Schmidt As state and municipal finance officers, we have a responsibility to safely and prudently manage the investment of taxpayer funds. For more than 40 years, money market funds have supported that objective by providing access to convenient and safe cash management accounts that pay

Poll: More North Dakotans Want to See Senator Heitkamp Replaced Than Re-Elected

Just 42 percent of North Dakotans want to see incumbent Senator Heidi Heitkamp re-elected according to a poll commissioned by the conservative Club for Growth. More respondents – 44 percent, specifically – say they’d like to see Heitkamp replaced with someone else. Heitkamp has been aggressively fundraising from mostly out-of-state contributors ahead of officially announcing

We Shouldn’t Use the Legacy Fund to Prop up Boom Time Spending

A letter write to the Fargo Forum today asks a question that’s probably going through the minds of a lot of North Dakotans. As lawmakers engage in a painful budgeting process to finish out this year’s session, why aren’t they tapping into more of the state’s prodigious reserve funds? The Legacy Fund, specifically, which was created

Video: Legislation to Eliminate State Treasurer’s Office Flops

It wasn’t hard to forecast the likely outcome of a House vote today on HCR3004, a proposed constitutional amendment which would have eliminated the State Treasurer’s Office. Back during last year’s election cycle Democrat state Senator Tim Mathern campaigned for Treasurer against incumbent Republican Kelly Schmidt on a platform made up of exactly one plank.

Based on Vote Today Prognosis for Closing Down North Dakota Treasurer’s Office Doesn’t Look Good

Back in January a group of lawmakers announced an effort they would be pushing during the legislative session in Bismarck to amend our state’s constitution to remove the Treasurer’s Office. HCR3004 and HCR3005, both introduced by Rep. Mike Nathe, would, respectively, eliminate the Treasurer’s Office and study where the current duties of that office should