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Senator Heidi Heitkamp

Poll: More North Dakotans Want to See Senator Heitkamp Replaced Than Re-Elected

Poll: More North Dakotans Want to See Senator Heitkamp Replaced Than Re-Elected

Just 42 percent of North Dakotans want to see incumbent Senator Heidi Heitkamp re-elected according to a poll commissioned by the conservative Club for Growth. More respondents – 44 percent, specifically – say they’d like to see Heitkamp replaced with someone else. Heitkamp has been aggressively fundraising from mostly out-of-state contributors ahead of officially announcing

We Shouldn’t Use the Legacy Fund to Prop up Boom Time Spending

A letter write to the Fargo Forum today asks a question that’s probably going through the minds of a lot of North Dakotans. As lawmakers engage in a painful budgeting process to finish out this year’s session, why aren’t they tapping into more of the state’s prodigious reserve funds? The Legacy Fund, specifically, which was created

State Rep. Mike Nathe speaks in favor of his legislation to close down the North Dakota Treasurer's Office.

Video: Legislation to Eliminate State Treasurer’s Office Flops

It wasn’t hard to forecast the likely outcome of a House vote today on HCR3004, a proposed constitutional amendment which would have eliminated the State Treasurer’s Office. Back during last year’s election cycle Democrat state Senator Tim Mathern campaigned for Treasurer against incumbent Republican Kelly Schmidt on a platform made up of exactly one plank.

State Rep. Ron Guggisberg, a Democrat from Fargo, carries legislation to the floor of the House transferring handling of unclaimed property to the state Treasurer's Office.

Based on Vote Today Prognosis for Closing Down North Dakota Treasurer’s Office Doesn’t Look Good

Back in January a group of lawmakers announced an effort they would be pushing during the legislative session in Bismarck to amend our state’s constitution to remove the Treasurer’s Office. HCR3004 and HCR3005, both introduced by Rep. Mike Nathe, would, respectively, eliminate the Treasurer’s Office and study where the current duties of that office should

North Dakota State Treasurer Kelly Schmidt

Audio: Treasurer Kelly Schmidt Says She Felt Ambushed by Legislation to Eliminate Her Office

Yesterday on my radio show I interviewed Treasurer Kelly Schmidt and Rep. Mike Nathe, both Republicans, about the latter’s push to eliminate the former’s office. You can hear the audio of both interviews below, Schmidt first and Nathe second. Schmidt told me she felt ambushed by the announcement of legislation, backed by members of her own party,

State Treasurer Kelly Schmidt, pictured in 2015, says nothing is off the table as she considers her office's budget. (TRIBUNE FILE PHOTO)

Republicans, Democrats Introduce Constitutional Amendment to Eliminate State Treasurer’s Office

During the 2016 election cycle state Senator Tim Mathern, the Democratic candidate for Treasurer, built what little there was of his campaign around the idea of eliminating the Treasurer’s office. Not many voters bought it. Mathern got less than 30 percent of the vote while Republican incumbent Kelly Schmidt earned a fourth term in office

North Dakota's candidates for State Treasurer in the 2016 election cycle. From the left, state Senator Tim Mathern, a Democrat, incumbent Kelly Schmidt, a Republican, and Libertarian candidate Eric Olson.

Audio: North Dakota State Treasurer Candidates Debate Whether the Office Should Even Exist

Yesterday on my radio show I had the three candidates for state Treasurer on for a debate. One of these candidates – Democratic challenger Tim Mathern, who is also a state Senator from Fargo – wants to close the office down. “We have too many state agencies dealing with our,” Mathern said, arguing that the

Brilliant: Democratic Candidate For Treasurer Wants To Eliminate Office If Elected To It

Well played, Senator Mathern. Well played. Mathern said Tuesday he believes the duties of the treasurer’s office can easily be split up between the Office of Management and Budget, Bank of North Dakota and state tax commissioner’s office. “This is nothing against Kelly Schmidt,” he said. “This is an issue of right-sizing government, of saving

North Dakota Democrats Get Last Minute Candidates For Treasurer, PSC, Insurance Commissioner

North Dakota Democrats closed out their state convention last weekend with four statewide candidate slots left empty. Today, right at the deadline for filing candidates for the June primary ballot, they added three candidates for Treasurer, Public Service Commissioner, and Insurance Commissioner. State Senator Tim Mathern of Fargo will be running for Treasurer, challenging Republican incumbent

Senator Tom Campbell Says He's Not Running For Governor, Treasurer Schmidt To Make Announcement

“As I’ve traveled the state, I’ve been encouraged by the positive feedback I’ve received regarding my exploratory committee for governor,” state Senator Tom Campbell said in a press release today. “But after careful consideration, my family and I have decided now is not the time to join the race. I will continue to fight for strong Republican leadership in