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The North Dakota Taxpayers Now Own Lawrence Welk's Home

The North Dakota Taxpayers Now Own Lawrence Welk's Home

According to reports, the State Historical Society Board narrowly approved the purchase of Lawrence Welk’s homestead. State Historical Society Board votes 6-5 to buy Lawrence Welk homestead this morning.@SarahGustin2 @KXMB #kxnews — Tom Gerhardt (@bistom) January 10, 2014 Last year the state legislature approved $100,000 for the purchase. Since then an assessment by state officials

North Dakota Legacy Fund Balance Tops $1 Billion

North Dakota voters approved a constitutional amendment to divert 30% of the state’s oil tax revenues into a new fund called the Legacy Fund. The original projection for the balance of that fund was $600 million by the end of the current biennium at the end of June. As of today, the balance is already

ND House Kills Water Bill And Treasurer's Budget, Passes Bill Allowing Review Of Executive Orders

It was a busy morning in the ND House today. Here’s a few of the key bills that got votes. First, the House killed the budget for State Treasurer Kelly Schmidt’s office (HB1005). The problem? Schmidt asked for a $10,000/year raise, and that didn’t sit well with several legislators most notably Rep. Mike Nathe and