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Victims Cannot Have Rights Equal To The Accused

Victims Cannot Have Rights Equal To The Accused

Yesterday I wrote about a new victims rights ballot initiative in the state being headed up by North Dakota Second Lady Kathleen Wrigley, wife to Lt. Governor Drew Wrigley. I expressed skepticism of the proposal then, and today with a copy of the text of the petition in hand (I have a copy of what’s

marsy's law

North Dakota's Second Lady To Head Up "Marsy's Law" Ballot Initiative Effort

According to a press release which just dropped in my inbox this morning Kathleen Wrigley, wife to North Dakota Lt. Governor Drew Wrigley, will be heading up a ballot initiative effort to pass Marsy’s Law. You can read about the history of that law on Wikipedia. Essentially it would put in state law a series

Kathleen Wrigley: Kids Sports Can Be A Roller Coaster

Have you ever stood on the platform of a gigantic, corkscrew turning, upside-down, backwards roller coaster wondering why anyone would want to relinquish control to this degree. Throngs of people line up behind you, nudging you into your seat. The conductor pulls the restraint, and you brace yourself. You start slowly. Then without warning you’re

Kathleen Wrigley: Nice Matters

My sister-in-law, Tanya, gave me a sign for Christmas last year. Its inscription is simple, but important. It reads, “because nice matters…” We know this. We don’t necessarily need any urging from others. Being nice is a bit like chocolate—one taste is never enough and it makes everyone happy. Kindness is contagious. And, it’s universally

Kathleen Wrigley: What You Need To Know About Julie Fedorchak

…”Life’s a Great Balancing Act.” – Dr. Seuss I was asked to write a story as a guest columnist, for a local women’s magazine, about Public Service Commissioner Julie Fedorchak. The theme of that particular issue was “Be Smart.” It was an easy segue for me to introduce Julie…because, well, she is smart. So I