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Billionaire Buys His Way Onto North Dakota Ballot and Wins With Marsy’s Law

Billionaire Buys His Way Onto North Dakota Ballot and Wins With Marsy’s Law

It is an absolute travesty that Measure 3 – also known as Marsy’s Law – passed tonight. As I write this the measure has over 62 percent of the vote. The measure was a pet project of California billionaire Henry Nicholas who poured millions into buying the measure onto the ballot, and then supporting it

Marsy’s Law Committee Says Critics Are…Sexist?

Yesterday Robert Wefald – a former judge and North Dakota Attorney General – announced that he would be chairing a committee in opposition to Marsy’s Law which will be Measure 3 on your November ballots. I interviewed Wefald on my radio show yesterday (listen below) and he also has a guest post here on SAB

Marsy’s Law Spokeswoman Says Victims Rights Groups Opposing Her Measure Are “Callous”

Yesterday I wrote about a press conference taking place today which announced the formal opposition of prosecutors and some victims rights groups to Marsy’s Law, a ballot measure which would put certain “victims rights” into the state constitution. Already the North Dakota State’s Attorneys’ Association opposes the measure, as does the North Dakota Association of

North Dakota Victim Rights Advocates Join Fight Against Marsy’s Law

Marsy’s Law is a proposed constitutional amendment that would, according to its supporters, create rights for victims that are equal to the rights protecting the accused. The measure is being backed in several states by California billionaire Henry Nicholas, who seems to be paying all the bills for the campaign here in North Dakota. It

Marsy's Law Measure Approved For Ballot Despite Disqualification Of Over 22 Percent Of Submitted Signatures

Secretary of State Al Jaeger sent out a press release today notifying the public about the approval of Marsy’s Law for the November ballot. Marsy’s Law, of course, is the “victim’s rights” measure being backed in multiple states by California billionaire Henry Nicholas. Earlier this  year organizers of the proposed constitutional amendment 44,198 signatures to

Marsy's Law Committee Loses Support From Prosecutor

Marsy’s Law for North Dakota is a proposed constitutional amendment which would supposedly enhance the rights of victims which will more than likely be on the November ballot. So far, despite a deep-pocket campaign apparently funded entirely by California billionaire Henry Nicholas, the measure hasn’t exactly received a warm reception in the state. Organizations representing

Marsy's Law Activists To Submit Petitions To Secretary Of State

Earlier this year a group of North Dakotans, headed by Kathleen Wrigley, launched an effort to bring Marsy’s Law to North Dakota. Marsy’s Law is named after the sister of California Henry Nicholas who has, according to financial disclosures so far, been bankrolling the effort here in North Dakota. It is a constitutional amendment which

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Kathleen Wrigley: Marsy's Law Opponent Has "Horrible Bias" Against Victims

There are so many inaccuracies and misleading statements in Roger Kaseman’s recent assessment of Marsy’s Law for North Dakota I have to wonder whether he even read the language of the measure, because it’s clear he doesn’t understand it. The most important point I can make in response to his assertions is that there is

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Sheriff Says Marsy's Law Petitioners Misrepresented Support

Earlier this week I wrote about a press release sent out by the Marsy’s Law for North Dakota committee, the group backing a petition for a victim’s rights amendment to the state constitution, which had them touting support from the state’s Sheriff’s & Deputies Association. Only one sheriff says they’re being misleading about that. “I am