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NDGOP Ag Commissioner Challenger Judy Estenson: "The Story Is Not Over"

NDGOP Ag Commissioner Challenger Judy Estenson: "The Story Is Not Over"

Earlier this year the North Dakota Farm Bureau announced, in a surprise move, that they’d be backing a challenger to incumbent Republican Agriculture Commissioner Doug Goehring. The Farm Bureau said that Goehring had been a little too big government for them, and hadn’t acted professionally in his job, so they felt a change was needed.

NDNA Will Hold Debates For House, Ag Commissioner Races In May

According to North Dakota Newspaper Association President Steve Andrist, his group will hold debates in the US Hosue race and the Agriculture Commissioner races  on May 1st. It’s kind of interesting which races the NDNA chose for debates. The federal race is a given. It’s the top of the ticket. Even if it isn’t looking

From The Left: Did The Farm Bureau Drop The Ball With Estenson?

Last weekend, the North Dakota Farm Bureau launched a challenge against sitting Agriculture Commissioner Doug Goehring at the NDGOP state convention in Bismarck.  It was a challenged that was primarily inspired by the Farm Bureau disagreeing with Goehriing’s actions on a variety off issues, however, was also linked to behavior that Goehring himself has admitted

The North Dakota Ag Commissioner Race Is Most Important Campaign In 2014

While attending the Republican convention I had a conversation with a state legislator who asked me an interesting question: Would you have thought, in December, that the most important and likely hotly contested race on the statewide ballot would be for the Commissioner of Agriculture? The answer, of course, was no. Just a few months

NDGOP Facebook Names Goehring Ag Commission Winner Before Delegates Vote

While sitting in the back of the convention hall at the NDGOP convention listening to the endorsing speeches for the Agriculture Commissioner race, and enjoying the floor demonstrations, I began getting text messages from delegates on the floor pointing out that on the NDGOP Facebook page the winner had already been named. Here’s a link

NDGOP Convention Kicks Off With Nearly Double Number Of Delegates Democrats Seated

Last weekend North Dakota Democrats held their statewide convention in Fargo, and just before the climax of that event on Saturday they counted 460 delegates seated on the floor and ready to vote. Today, just after the NDGOP’s statewide convention in Minot gaveled in for the first time, they counted 812 delegates. In my experience,

Polling: Goehring Polls Better Than Estenson Against Taylor, Fairfield Way Behind Jaeger

I have some polling from the Brighter Future Alliance – a North Dakota based 501c4 non-profit committed to promoting the free enterprise system and pro energy development public policy, as they describe themselves – in the Agriculture Commissioner and Secretary of State races. Full disclosure: The Brighter Future Alliance was founded by Pat Finken who is

Does The North Dakota Farm Bureau Have The Horsepower To Pull Off A Convention Upset?

The race for the NDGOP endorsement for Agriculture Commissioner took a turn for the ugly ahead of the party’s state convention in Minot this weekend. Judy Estenson, a candidate backed by the North Dakota Farm Bureau, has squared off against incumbent Doug Goehring. A company working on behalf of the Farm Bureau got caught this

Penalty Possible For Robocalls In Agriculture Commissioner Race

According to Liz Brocker, spokeswoman for the North Dakota Attorney General’s Office, there may be civil penalties for a firm making robocalls on behalf of the North Dakota Farm Bureau. The Farm Bureau is backing Republican Judy Estenson in a nomination challenge to incumbent Agriculture Commissioner Doug Goehring, also a Republican. “In response to a