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Ryan Taylor Decided To Run Because Doug Goehring Got A Primary Challenge

Ryan Taylor Decided To Run Because Doug Goehring Got A Primary Challenge

Back in December, former state Senator Ryan Taylor said he didn’t plan on running for public office in 2014. “I’m still immensely interested in everything going on politically in North Dakota,” Taylor told the Bismarck Tribune. “(But) 2014 isn’t going to be the right time for me political-wise or family-wise.” If there was any question about why Taylor

Ryan Taylor To Announce Campaign For Ag Commissioner

Ryan Taylor, a former state Senator from Towner who ran a gubernatorial campaign last cycle, is set to announce a campaign for Commissioner on Agriculture on Friday. Taylor served in the state Senate from 2003 to 2011, and lost his campaign for governor to Jack Dalrymple 34 percent to 63 percent. Former Dem-NPL state Sen.

Polling Shows Republicans Kevin Cramer, Doug Goehring Way Ahead Of Possible Democrat Challengers

A source has shown me some internal Republican polling on two of the races that will be on the ballot for North Dakotans this year. First, some caveats. This is an internal poll conducted by a Republican source. Also, I wasn’t provided a lot of the details on the poll such as the demographic breakdowns,

Deputy Ag Commissioner Defends Doug Goehring

I’ve written pretty extensively about the challenge to incumbent Ag Commissioner Doug Goehring from Farm Burea-backed candidate Judy Estenson. For what it’s worth, here’s Deputy Agriculture Commissioner Tom Bodine weighing in to NDGOP District Chairs and Farm Bureau members in defense of Goehring. Estenson has been very active at the NDGOP district conventions held to

Ag Commission Exit Interviews Complain Of Low Morale

Agriculture Commissioner Doug Goehring is being challenged for the NDGOP endorsement by Farm Bureau-backed Judy Estenson (Goehing is now saying he’ll run to the primary if he doesn’t get the party endorsement). Before Estenson launched her campaign, Goehring admitted in an email to Farm Bureau members that he engaged in some inappropriate behavior around female

Judy Estenson: Goehring Needs To Decide For Himself Whether To Resign Over Office Complaints

Last week, shortly after news broke that he’d be getting a primary challenger, North Dakota Agriculture Commissioner Doug Goehring sent an email to members of the North Dakota Farm Bureau (the group backing his challenger) explaining some of his more controversial policy positions and admitting to some inappropriate conduct with staff. “It was wrong and

North Dakota Democrats Get Two Statewide Candidates UPDATE: Maybe Just One

Still no word on a challenger for incumbent Rep. Kevin Cramer at the top of the ballot, but it looks like North Dakota Democrats will get a couple of statewide candidates this week per Bismarck Tribune reporter Nick Smith. #Fargo attorney Jason Astrup will be announcing candidacy for Democratic-NPL Party for #NorthDakota Tax Commissioner on