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Cramer On Boehner Resignation: "House Will Have To Settle For Someone Less Courageous And Steady"

Cramer On Boehner Resignation: "House Will Have To Settle For Someone Less Courageous And Steady"

Speaker of the House John Boehner shocked the political world today by announcing his resignation not just from the speakership but from his seat in the House. Rep. Kevin Cramer, for whom Boehner has campaigned in the past, issued this statement reacting to the news: John Boehner announced his resignation with the same class indicative

Video: Kevin Cramer Says He Backs Boehner

Rep. Kevin Cramer was on MSNBC’s Morning Joe this morning to talk about his Keystone XL pipeline legislation which he is introducing in the House. That’s an important bill, but not really all that newsy given that we can pretty much assume what’s going to happen. The Republican-controlled Congress is going to pass the legislation,

Rod St. Aubyn: New Congress, Same Gridlock

At the federal level we have faced continued gridlock during the past few years.  Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid famously refused to take up hundreds of House-passed bills, several with bipartisan support.  Senate Republicans were accused of putting up numerous legislative roadblocks to the point where Sen. Reid and his Democrat senators changed the rules

Speaker Of The House John Boehner To Make Fundraising Stop In North Dakota

Earlier this month Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell visited Bismarck, invited there by Senator John Hoeven. Now I’m told Speaker of the House John Boehner will be in Bismarck, fundraising for Rep. Kevin Cramer. The event will be happening this Friday, August 15th, at former NDGOP Chairman Gary Emineth’s home in Lincoln (just south of

From The Left: Four Things Republicans Won’t Tell You About The Unemployment Numbers

Last week, the Labor Department reported that the unemployment rate has sank to 6.3%, its lowest level since September 2008. Now let’s all be clear, 6.3% unemployment is still way too high. However, rather than get to work on promoting policy that will help to lower that number, Republican’s resorted to their well-established talking point

Obama: "We Don't Have A Spending Problem"

According to an interview between the Wall Street Journal’s Stephen Moore and Speaker of the House John Boehner, in behind the scenes negotiations President Obama insisted that “we don’t have a spending problem.” Which is an odd admission for a President who says that we need a “balanced approach” to deficit reduction in public. In

Interview: Former Congressman Rick Berg Talks Fiscal Cliff, His Senate Race Loss And His Future In ND

“At the end of a legislative session, if you ask people if they’re going to run for the legislature again and they say yes then they’re not a good legislator,” former Rep. Rick Berg told me during our interview in response to a question about his future political career. Berg said he’s “excited to get

Shame On You, Chris Christie

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie is upset with House Republicans, specifically blaming House GOP leadership, over the delay in passing a bill for Hurricane Sandy relief: “There is only one group to blame,” Christie said. “The House Majority and John Boehner.” “Last night, the House Majority failed the basic test of leadership and they did