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Print Column: Shame on You, Hunters

Print Column: Shame on You, Hunters

MINOT, N.D. — I would like to direct your attention to a Facebook page called North Dakota Lock Out. It was created after the debate in the Legislature earlier this year over SB2315. That bill would have reversed the backward presumption of public access to private land in our state. Currently, those wishing access for activities like

If Hunting Groups Keep Winning Political Battles Over Posting Land They Could Lose the War

As it was originally introduced, SB2315 would have ended the presumption of open access to rural land for activities like hunting. Under current law, if property owners like farmers and ranchers don’t want want the public on their land they have to post it as closed. The intent of SB2315 was to turn that requirement

The Legislature Must Recognize That the Land Doesn’t Belong to the Hunters

I’ve written a lot about SB2315, introduced by Senator Robert Erbele (R-Lehr), which would flip North Dakota’s presumption of land access. Currently everyone, at any time, is presumed to have access to rural lands in the absence of signs posting it as off limits. Outdoors enthusiasts, hunters in particular, see this status quo as a boon

Plain Talk: ND Stockmen’s Association Says Change in North Dakota’s Land Posting Laws Is Needed

Julie Ellingson from the North Dakota Stockmen’s Association is on the Plain Talk Podcast today. Her group is backing legislation which would change state law regarding the posting of land. Currently land is presumed to be open unless it’s posted otherwise. The law would end that presumption, meaning land owners no longer have to post.

Legislation Introduced to End the Presumption of Access to Unposted Private Land

Earlier this month I wrote about a debate that was expected for this legislative session over the presumption of access to unposted private land. Currently hunters and others can go on land that’s not posted. If land is posted, they have to obtain permission. That status quo put the onus on land owners, requiring that they

North Dakota Property Owners Shouldn’t Have to Post Their Land to Control Access

There were hundreds of arrests made during the violent protests against the Dakota Access Pipeline a couple of years back, but I’m sure you readers noticed that the charges behind many of those arrests didn’t stick. That’s because the bulk of those charges were related to trespassing, and North Dakota has some very antiquated trespass

It’s Just an Animal

A couple of days ago my colleague Robin Huebner reported a story about a 12-year-old Fargo girl Sylvia Peach Leiviska who shot a 600-pound wildebeest during a trip to South Africa. The hunt took place on a game preserve. None of the animals there are endangered. In fact, most of them are bred specifically to be hunted.

Audio: NDFB Pres. Says Bill Requiring Permission to Enter Land Is About “Respect, Safety, and Private Property”

“This bill is about respect, safety, and private property,” North Dakota Farm Bureau President Daryl Lies told me on the radio during an interview yesterday (audio is below). The legislation he’s talking about is SB2225, introduced by Republican Senator Don Schaible of Mott. It would end the requirement that land owner post their land to

North Dakota Should Restore Property Rights by Ending the Presumption of Access to Private Land

There are a lot of politics behind SB2225, introduced by Republican state Senator Don Schaible of Mott. Under current law North Dakotans are allowed to go on private land for purposes like hunting as long as they a) aren’t told verbally to leave or b) the land isn’t legally posted. Schaible’s bill would end that