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Sylvia Peach Leiviska, 12, of Fargo, poses with the 600-pound wildebeest she shot while on safari with her family in South Africa last summer. Special to The Forum

It’s Just an Animal

It’s Just an Animal

A couple of days ago my colleague Robin Huebner reported a story about a 12-year-old Fargo girl Sylvia Peach Leiviska who shot a 600-pound wildebeest during a trip to South Africa. The hunt took place on a game preserve. None of the animals there are endangered. In fact, most of them are bred specifically to be hunted.

Audio: NDFB Pres. Says Bill Requiring Permission to Enter Land Is About “Respect, Safety, and Private Property”

“This bill is about respect, safety, and private property,” North Dakota Farm Bureau President Daryl Lies told me on the radio during an interview yesterday (audio is below). The legislation he’s talking about is SB2225, introduced by Republican Senator Don Schaible of Mott. It would end the requirement that land owner post their land to

North Dakota Should Restore Property Rights by Ending the Presumption of Access to Private Land

There are a lot of politics behind SB2225, introduced by Republican state Senator Don Schaible of Mott. Under current law North Dakotans are allowed to go on private land for purposes like hunting as long as they a) aren’t told verbally to leave or b) the land isn’t legally posted. Schaible’s bill would end that

Doug Leier: Support Youth Wildlife Programs

My interest in fishing and hunting began long before specific opportunities we’re designed to encourage young hunters and anglers. The 1980s didn’t have youth deer, waterfowl and pheasant seasons, or special turkey licenses, just to name just a few. I do remember that the local Jaycee’s sponsored some youth BB gun shooting events, and the