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Trump Signs Heitkamp’s Anti-Human Trafficking Legislation, but It May Do More Harm Than Good

Trump Signs Heitkamp’s Anti-Human Trafficking Legislation, but It May Do More Harm Than Good

Senator Heidi Heitkamp’s staff is touting the fact that President Donald Trump signed legislation she sponsored which supposedly cracks down on human trafficking: .@HeidiHeitkamp getting results for North Dakota. #NDSen #NDPol https://t.co/fkG8Ad8I3l — Sean Higgins (@smhigg) April 11, 2018 North Dakota’s other Senator, Republican John Hoeven, also voted for the bill. The legislation is called

Heidi Heitkamp Blasted in the New York Times for Being “Uninterested in Sexism and Misogyny”

Here in North Dakota junior Senator Heidi Heitkamp has made a really big deal about the issue of human trafficking. See this interview as evidence of her passion for the issue. Heitkamp’s concern is justified. Human trafficking is an awful thing worthy of scrutiny and action by policymakers. So it’s interesting, then, that during a

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Hypocrite Heitkamp Suddenly Against "Divisive, Unrelated Provisions" In Bills

Senator Heidi Heitkamp likes to say things, but she often doesn’t mean them. Like opposing the filibuster, for instance. When Heitkamp was campaigning to join the Democrat majority in the Senate she pledged to gut the filibuster. Acting as a member of the majority, she did vote to gut the filibuster for judicial confirmation votes.

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Heitkamp Cuts And Runs From Questions Over Abortion Language In Human Trafficking Bill

Here in North Dakota a bill being considered by the Legislature to address the human trafficking issue got waylaid by an assault from pro-abortion activists who objected to essentially pro forma language in the bill prohibiting the use of public dollars for abortions. The language isn’t unusual. Similar language gets added to a lot of legislation as

Chris Dodson: Abortion Activists Mislead On Language Of Human Trafficking Bill

Except for once instance when forced to by a federal court because of the state’s participation in a federal program, North Dakota taxpayers have never funded abortion referrals or counseling in favor of abortion.  Several provisions in the North Dakota Century Code secure that policy for specific programs. To maintain that policy, the North Dakota

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North Dakota Examines Partial Legalization Of Prostitution

With Forum Communications running a multi-part series on human trafficking in North Dakota (“trafficking” is the new media/political buzzword for what is traditionally called prostitution), the issue is in a lot of people’s minds. And rightfully so. The virtual enslavement of human beings to be used as for-hire sex toys is despicable, and those guilty of

James Kerian: Prostitution Should Remain Illegal In North Dakota

Recently my esteemed editor here at SayAnythingBlog reposted an article from last May in which he argued in favor of legalizing prostitution here in North Dakota. His argument focused entirely on pragmatic concerns such as the impossibility of completely eliminating prostitution and the health and crime reduction benefits to legalized prostitution that are claimed in a report by

Could Legalizing Prostitution Help With North Dakota's Human Trafficking Problem?

North Dakota’s elected leaders have been grappling with the issue of human trafficking. Senator Heidi Heitkamp, to her credit, has been leading the charge on this issue which sees women and even some men all but enslaved to act as sex workers. It’s obvious why this is suddenly a problem in North Dakota. The rush