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Ralph Kingsbury Column: Nominating Harold Hamm For Roughrider Award

Ralph Kingsbury Column: Nominating Harold Hamm For Roughrider Award

I hereby nominate Harold Hamm to receive the Theodore Roosevelt Rough Rider Award from the state of North Dakota. For all that it is supposed to stand for Harold Hamm would certainly rank as one of the most deserving, if not the single most deserving of all of those to whom it has been given

Want To Reduce North Dakota Flaring? Lift The Gas Export Ban

There’s a big push to reduce North Dakota flaring, but it needs some help from Congress. Yesterday the North Dakota Petroleum Council, which represents most of the oil industry in North Dakota, announced a goal set by the industry to collect 85 percent of the gas produced in North Dakota within two years, and 90

What If The Bakken Oil Boom Was Already Slowing Down?

In one of those turn of events in politics that nobody could have predicted, North Dakota Republican Party Chairman Robert Harms managed to turn himself into a hero for Democrats by calling for regulation of the oil industry to slow down production. Harms’ comments gave North Dakota Democrats the political cover they needed to express

Harold Hamm: "We Will See Energy Independence In This Country In 10 Years" And "Slower" Development In Bakken

Investor’s Business Daily has a good interview with Continental Resource CEO Harold Hamm (the biggest player in North Dakota’s oil boom) in which he says America will be energy independent within the next decade. Here’s the pertinent excerpt: IBD: How will drilling abroad affect domestic drilling? Hamm: Everyone expected we would see shale development all

Guest Post: Don't Fix North Dakota's Oil Tax

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times By this, I am not suggesting extensive expertise of the oil industry nor how our state taxes it. Maybe that’s the problem? I am not sure many people understand oil taxes outside a select few who make or lobby for the rules. Those