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Democrats Have a Point About Kevin Cramer and Harold Hamm

Democrats Have a Point About Kevin Cramer and Harold Hamm

North Dakota Democrats are slamming Congressman Kevin Cramer today after he said in an interview with WDAY Television that what tipped the scales on his decision to challenge Democratic incumbent Heidi Heitkamp in the U.S. Senate race was oil billionaire Harold Hamm asking him to run. (Full disclosure, I work for WDAY’s parent company Forum

Video: Harold Hamm Says Trump Should Pick Kevin Cramer as Energy Secretary

For some time now both Harold Hamm, CEO of Continental Resources and one of the biggest players in North Dakota’s oil fields, and Congressman Kevin Cramer have been rumored to be possibles to serve in President-elect Donald Trump’s cabinet as Secretary of Energy. Today Hamm told CNBC that Trump should pick Cramer over him: “Kevin’s

Kevin Cramer: Oil Giant Harold Hamm on “a Very Short List” to Head Trump’s Department of Energy

Whatever you may think of Donald Trump, there is no question that his election has delighted players in North Dakota’s biggest industries, energy and agriculture. On energy, specifically,Trump’s election has probably cleared the Obama-created red tape holding up the Dakota Access Pipeline, and could mean a resurrection of the Keystone XL project as well. And

Presumptive GOP Nominee Donald Trump To Visit North Dakota Later This Month

It was rumored a week or so ago that Republican presidential candidates Ted Cruz and/or Donald Trump might be visiting North Dakota in May, appearing at the Williston Basin Petroleum Conference. Since then Ted Cruz has dropped out of the race after a drubbing in Indiana, and Donald Trump is the presumptive nominee and will be

Why Are We Treating Iran Better Than American Oil Companies?

“We can’t export. We can’t access the world market.” That’s Harold Hamm, CEO of Continental Resources, speaking during a recent CNBC interview about falling oil prices and the federal restrictions on exporting crude oil. Basically, domestic oil producers are held by regulation as a captive audience for the refiners. Because unrefined oil cannot be exported,

Six Jobs Created In North Dakota/Texas For Every One In The Rest Of The Country

Recently Continental Resources CEO Harold Hamm called America’s shale plays “Cowboyistan.” “We’ve got more rigs running than in the rest of the world combined,” he told Forbes. “We’ve got highly trained and reliable rednecks to run them. And unlike anywhere else on the planet, we’ve got property rights, which enable landowners to lease out their

North Dakota's Biggest Oil Player Cuts $1 Billion In Bakken Expenditures For 2015

So far Governor Jack Dalrymple has been putting a brave face on for the sake of his aggressive 2015-2017 spending budget which assumes oil prices over $70 per barrel. But the oil price rout continues, and now the biggest player in oil development in North Dakota just announced a significant rig reduction and cut in